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Apr 23, 2007 01:29 PM

sam-gyeop sal (aka Korean Bacon) in SF?

I'm going with my Korean language class out for sam-gyeop sal, and am trying to figure out the best in San Francisco. Any suggestions? I believe Moga Boka carries it. As I think Han Il Kwun (but I don't remember loving it there).

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  1. hmmn, i don't remember if i've had it in the bay or not. where do you think they do a good job ... or bad job with it?

    what jokbal (jok bal) joints do you think are good? and how about places with haek dwaeji?

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    1. re: ken ivorous

      I haven't had either of these in the bay area, just in LA. but, the korean place on telegraph and macarthur in oakland might have jok bal joints. we went to new korea house for the sam-gyeop sal. the slices were too thin; the banchan was old; and the service was horrible.

      1. re: tenngirl

        just to follow up on the jokbal - i had to satisfy the cravings recently and so i got some at the soju-n-spicy-chicken place in the TL (on taylor? i think), and also that spot on noriega close to the beach (the one that looks like someone's inlaw unit on the outside). the TL spot was actually quite good; the noriega one wasn't so great, but better than nothing if it's late and you need to clog some arteries in a jiffy.