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Apr 23, 2007 01:29 PM

santa barbar trip evaluation


i just had a wonderful trip to santa barbara.
we had a great lunch at the in n. out, and started our trip from SB winery
alma rosa- it was ok.... i thought the cheese and olives offered as a side was excellent, but i was expecting a lot more from the wine. but, it was still good

briddlewood- beautiful landscape, great wine, i liked their whites more than their reds (and i'm a red person).

carina- great wine, for the price.... excellent reserves, ended up buying a case of the syrah

we did that whole row of wineries in los olivos....

epiphany had some great wines

jaffurs- was good, but pricey for what it was

firestone- was ok..... their whites were standard


biggest disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!

downey's restaurant.
it was good... but not great.
for a 28 rating on zagats... you'd better make your own bread!!!!

-the bread was something you would pick up from the vons (not even ralphs) bakery
-the butter was a stick something from the chain grocery as well

i had the muscles....
it was ok... but... nothing memorable.

the duck was yummy, but the price tag on it was a little too high for what is was...
the rib eye was ok... typical.. not worth $37 or 39 whatever that was....

creme brulee- was yummy.... i think that was the best part of the meal!

i would give that a 24-23 rating for the food
a 25 for the decor
25 service - this was great

would definetely do santa barbara again, but this time im trusting my own ratings....

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  1. I like Downey's but agree may be a little overpriced.

    I use zagats for one source, but agree sometimes local favorites can get overblown. In Las Vegas the highest rated restaurant for food is In-N-Out burger. When they have some outlets of Michelin rated chefs, In-N-Out can't be the best food.

    1. "for a 28 rating on zagats..."

      That's why the hounds don't pay any attention to Zagat's. ; >P

      1. Tee, hee, ......... what kind of "muscles" did you eat?

        (Thanks for the report - always good to get fresh eyes looking at old warhorses)