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Apr 23, 2007 01:23 PM

Shima Sushi on Bainbridge Island

Has anyone tried this place? I'd be interested in your comments, if you have.

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  1. Shima is not best sushi you can find in the Seattle area. It is, however, the best Bainbridge has to offer (that is, it's either Shima, or the stuff from Town and Country, the local grocery store).

    Actually, I quite like Shima. Their sushi is not bad, just not great, but the somewhat diminished quality is reflected in a highly diminished tab. At my last dinner there, my friend and I each had a bowl of miso soup, green tea and enough nigiri and maki to stuff us to that perfectly contented state of fullness one rarely experiences outside of a Japanese restaurant, for about $30, total. $15 a head is not bad.

    I find the decor charming, though very much on the brink of crossing the line into obnoxious pretension, or kitsch, I can't quite decide which. Anyway, they make good use of their snug space.

    Though their sushi is beatable, I've been told that some of their other dishes (specifically the grilled eel and I think the grilled items in general) are terrific.

    Don't rush off to Shima immediately, you might be disappointed. Rather, wait until a warm, clear evening, enjoy a slow ferry ride on the sun deck, above the drained, listless commuters, stroll lazily down Winslow Way, making sure to stop by Black Bird Bakery, as it will be closed by the time you finish your dinner and amble into Shima (you might want to make a reservation first, as I said, it's quite tiny) without expectations of being swept off your feet. Should make an enjoyable evening.