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Apr 23, 2007 01:21 PM

Adams County recommendations?

We're considering buying a weekend place in Adams County and want to know where we'd eat if we wanted to go out. Breakfast/brunch is the immediate interest (for this weekend), but longer-term we're interested in whether there are good places to go for dinner and whether there are worthwhile bakeries around. As for eating preferences, our daughter's a vegetarian (no meat but loves dairy) and all of us like a wide variety of kinds of food (especially spicy food). Will we be eating in??


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  1. Hi Sue
    It really depends on your expectations are and what you are used to. If you are into homestyle food, you've come to the right place. If your looking to be thrilled with exciting new cuisine ........ find a new place. The good news is that if you like to cook, you can find great deals on fresh meats and produce. I've found farmers for lamb, fresh goats milk, homemade cheeses etc. Just noone to cook it for you.


    1. Don't know where in Adams county you'll be but on Route 15 in Dillsburg is Pakha's Thai House. Very authentic Thai food. My wife spent about 10 years in Thailand, and really likes the place. We have friends in East Berlin and found it on the way to their house one time and have been going back when we are in the area.

      1. The Blue Parrot Bistro in Gettysburg is sort of fun. (


        You could always try the Hofbrau Haus in Abbottstown if you want to torture your daughter ;) (


        The Altland House in Abbottstown is surprisingly good.

        1. For truly fine dining, there's Sidney in East Berlin, which is between Gettysburg and York. The owner came from Lespinasse in NY, and when you get there and see the dinner menu, you'll think, "what is this guy doing HERE?" Lunch is more casual, and there's also a tavern room that serves a more casual dinner. But a real dinner at Sidney is a great experience.

          Not too far over the MD line from Gettysburg is the Antrim 1844 Inn, in Taneytown. Also top-notch.

          And I agree that if you're a cook, the meats and cheeses in that part of PA are terrific!

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