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Apr 23, 2007 01:19 PM

Great Turkey Burger?

I am always in search of a great turkey burger in the DC area. Any ideas? I am embarrassed to say it, but one of the best I have found is the turkey burger at Lucky Strike. Although the rest of it is mediocre at best, the actual meat in the turkey burger is pretty good.

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  1. Clyde's has an excellent turkey burger. Moist and flavorful.

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    1. re: MalinDC

      Old Ebbitt Grill (same group as Clyde's)

    2. If you don't mind dives, I highly suggest trying the turkey burger at Toledeo Lounge on 18th Street. It's juicy and the fries are amazing. Pair it with a nice hefewizen and you are set.

      I highly suggest going during the week if you don't like dealing with drunken interns. Though Toledeo Lounge, Pharmacy Bar and Asylum has always been a safe haven of mine when I use to frequent that area more.

      1. i had a really good turkey burger at polly's on u st last week. i was surprised.

        1. I had a good turkey burger at Open City in Woodley Park. I think it came with carmelized onions...or something like that. It's been awhile since I got it but I really enjoyed it...and this is coming from someone who usually gets a beef burger!