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Apr 23, 2007 01:09 PM

OutTake Bistro-your fav dishes?

What are your favorite dishes at "Out Take Bistro" Studio City?

I personally love their dollar salad, calamari, and pasta's-would love some feedback to try something new there.



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  1. My favorite thing there is the potato vereniki. Reminds me of a polish dish that my grandmother used to make.
    But when I'm not "splurging", I have the shrimp and bean salad. Very nice flavors.
    I haven't had these dishes in quite a while--but old standbys are the turkey meatloaf and the roasted fish (cod?).

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    1. re: perk

      I'm curious how their chili is as well as their seafood raviolli's, I wasn't to thrilled with the pumkin raviolli.



      1. re: Hypnotic23

        seafood ravioli was bland when we had it...
        i like the shrimp and scallop salad, but i like to have them blacken the seafood
        also the salmon, roasted chicken and turkey loaf...

    2. To me, the soups are a stand-out. They have at least three choices daily (plus turkey chili that's also delicious). I had a bowl of creamy, fresh mushroom soup there four years ago that I can still remember. And I have a friend who swears by the vegetable won ton soup.
      The sweet potato fries are worth ordering with just about anything. I have not had a bad meal there yet.

      1. I love their Chicken Ravioli and Turkey Raviolis. I always order them!
        My dad likes the cod dish.

        I'm not a fan of their Seafood soup (very thin, not much to it) or their meatloaf (the sauce is too sweet).

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          You can purchase those ravioli on the open market as they, like most ravioli,are made by someone else.
          I find the food at Outtake to be too safe, bland, unexciting, etc.
          Wish they would find some seasonings, spices, and some ooomph!
          Talk about a place trying to play it safe.