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Apr 23, 2007 01:04 PM

Caterer for Ladies Lunchoen Needed in Westchester--help!

I am in desperate need of a caterer or retailer that can produce tea sandwiches and other little treats for a baby shower this weekend. Have tried Silver Tips Tea in Tarrytown and another tea room in Peakskill to no avail.

Would really appreciate any recommendations--thank you!!!

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    1. Try Battaglia Brothers Deli. There are a few locations, they'll cater to your taste and have reasonable pricing. I think the location on North ave will deliver depending on location and size of order.

      1. Try Jean-Jacques, they could help with both sandwiches and pastries. They have a location in Pleasantville and several others.

        1. The following are worth a try:

          Susan Lawrence in Chappaqua
          Mt. Kisco Seafood
          Flying Pig in Mt. Kisco
          Ladel of Love Mt. Kisco

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            You might not believe it, but try the deli counter at Stop & Shop.

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              Ladle of Love was the perfect choice for my ladies luncheon! The food was amazing . People kept going back and piling their plates. I worked with Leslie who really understands the needs of her customers.

              1. re: jillinwestchester

                Glad you liked it ... let's keep spreading the word ....

            2. re: SLO

              I second Ladle of Love. Everything they make is fresh and beautiful. Ask for Leslie (the owner) or Stacy (the manager). FYI-- Their cobb salad is out of this world!

            3. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I decided to go with Ladle of Love. The owner completely understood my needs and it's close to home. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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              1. re: jillinwestchester

                I'm sure you will be pleased. Leslie has done a great job.