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Apr 23, 2007 01:03 PM

Wanted - Sewell NJ recs

We are relatively new to the area, so all recommendations, from takeout, pizza and sandwiches to fine dining are appreciated.

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood ;-)
    I know My gf frequents barnsborro inn, tulford inn,guillermos in egg harbor,Ill ask her other recommendations for you!
    I personally liked groticellas' in williamstown for italian!
    Check out & bookmark it for upcoming events & promotions! They are always a great time and deal!( On the left hand side click on restaurants for menus and directions, also click on restaurant week for oct-you'll see more choices!
    )FYI the first week of aug collingswood does thier restaurant week-4 courses for $30-a great way to try new cuisine!

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      1. re: vipfitness

        thanks for the recommendations. I tried Guillermo's and was unimpressed - I am pretty sure i was served a veal patty when I ordered veal parm. It is a shame, since they are so close to my house. Johnny's Pizza, also in that shopping center, is the best I have found so far. I also like Sakana for Chinese, in the strip of stores adjacent to Kohl's.

        1. re: brightman

          aaawh sorry to hear it was a miss,it was soo conveinent for you! Darn my hubby would have been disapointed too -he always orders veal parm !
          Thanks for the sakana headsup, is that next to weight watchers or in the kohls plaza? Also do you eat sushi? I love sagami in collingswood and hear sakura in whitman plaza is good too!

          1. re: vipfitness

            next to weight watchers. try the peking duck.

            1. re: brightman

              Thanks for the recommendation and exact location! I love duck!

            1. re: vipfitness

              brightman, my gf asked me to go to guillermos w her wed night to use up a gift certificate! I have never been there but she goes alot for pasta! The place was mobbed with a sunset special going on and the portions were a nice size! She orders the chicken penne dish and I ordered the stuffed salmon, I too was not impressed at all! The prices were low but the quality was not there,very basic recipes and peasant food IMHO! I came to the conclusion our tastes are very different so disregard the above recommendations ;-)
              For italian near you try groticella ;-)

      2. My family are always on the go so fast foods our main menu but we order in and takeout too. for pizza and pasta we order pizza hut...its pretty good..could have better but its convenient to oder online...for a good cheesesteak of course none beat philly but steak out is good for the sewell area...chinese i'd say mandorin court, peeking buffet, or ming lok are pretty good choices...for good seafood bobby chez is amazing it's half cooked there you bring it home and cook it the rest of the way at home to make sure your food is hot when you are ready to eat but i warn you they are a bit pricey but totally worth it...but ill be sure to ask around too