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Apr 23, 2007 12:58 PM

Warped All-Clad

I have 8, 10 and and 12 inch stainless steel All-Clad skillets that are less than one year old. I can swear the 10 and 12 inch have warped. Only slightly but when I put the pan on the stove, with the weight of the handle, it is definitely not flat and there is a gap between the pan and the stove.
I bought All-Clad because I wanted something that lasts. I must say I am not very careful and I do deglaze with liquid when the pan is hot (no way around it, isn't it?).
Now I wonder if heat distribution will be as good.
Anybody out there with similar experience?

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  1. Well, you say you're not careful when deglazing... do you truly deglaze with a splash of liquid or do you drop the whole thing in a sink filled with water? Splash (cup of liquid or so is completely fine) = perfectly acceptable. Dunk = Ignorant cook; sorry, no way around that one!

    Second part is, you're pan is likely NOT warped. The weight of the handle will most certainly "pull" down on that side of the pan. In other words, is the side opposite the handle the highest part of the pan when on the stove? Probably. This is much more noticeable when cooking on an electric stove versus gas. And even on gas, if you have a small grate over the flame, you're going to get some wobble. Until you get a high-end gas stove top with wide, heavy, flat grates your pans will likely not sit as level as possible.

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      Thanks for the answer. I think you're right on all counts. First deglazing with small amounts of liquid should be fine. I must confess I have put the hot pan under running water a few times.
      The handle is definitely pulling down on the pan. I am just surprised the handle is heavier than the pan.