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Baked Chicken Tenders

Anyone have a really good chicken tender recipe that is baked? I don't feel like messing with oil in the kitchen this week.
I really want one that produces a nice and crispy result. Any suggestions?

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  1. A suggestion: go to recipezaar.com, and search under recipes for either, oven-fried garlic chicken or moist cheddar-garlic baked chicken breasts, then just convert recipe using chicken tenders.

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      Have you had either of these? Can you vouch that they are good and crispy?

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        Just tried the cheddar-garlic one with breasts and they came out very good and crispy; the recipes are very similar as far as the method, I think maybe the one with the parmigiana cheese might be my preference, though I haven't tried it yet.

    2. I just made this last week for my "chicken finger divas". 2 cups of pretzels, and 3/4 cup of peanuts, chopped it up in the food proccessor. Dipped the chicken in egg, and then in the "crumbs". Sprayed with olive oil (like PAM). Baked at 375. They LOVED it and asked for seconds and then thirds. Easy and a winner!

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        How long did you bake them for at 375?

      2. I make them all the time.

        I usually brine them for 1/2 hour or so , but that isn't necessary.

        Season some flour. Make an egg dip and season it too (i use dijon mustard, soy sauce, and hot sauce). Then make up a crumb coat. Cooks Illustrated got me hooked on finely crushed melba toast, but you can use breadcrumbs, cracker crumbs, panko, etc. Season it too.

        Line a baking sheet with foil. Pour about 3T oil on baking sheet and spread around.

        Dip tenders in flour, then egg, then coat with crumbs and lay on baking sheet.

        Bake in 425 oven. Turn once after 10 min. Should only take about 15-20 or less to cook.

        I have used the sprayed-on Pam method, too, but prefer the way above as the oil helps cook the coating -- IMO the spray on way makes for a dryish crust.

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          Thanks! I have panko so this is definitely a good option.

        2. This is my favorite.

          My husband likes them with honey mustard, and I like them dipped in wing sauce.

          1. I like to use a spiced panko mixture for the coating, and use a dark pan to cook them in. I found that the lighter colors don't crisp up as well.

            1. Ok, so I used a combination of a number of suggestions and they came out great!

              I ended up creating a mixture of parmesan cheese, panko and basil. S&P the fingers, then dipped into egg, then into crumb mixture. Placed on a baking sheet that I had lightly oiled with vegetable oil (C. Hamster, this was a GREAT suggestion). I also did a few separate that I sprayed with Pam, just to compare. Baked 10 min per side at 375 (convection). They came out juicy, flavorful and most importantly, crunchy!

              The Pam ones also tasted good, but did not come out as crispy as the others.
              A winner for sure! Thank you all so much!

              1. I use a packet of Good Seasonings Italian Salad Dressing (the seasoning packet) and add it to my panko breadcrumbs. It's crispy AND flavorful!

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                  dip in eggwhite, and season some potato flake. Bake at 365 degrees.
                  Sturdy white fish filet works too, for Fish filet lovers...

                2. I'm planning on making some baked chicken tenders tonight. My son likes them spicy - whats the best way? Add spices to the breadcrumbs? Which spices? Marinate for a while in hot sauce? I'm not good at spicy food, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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                    You can marinade the tenders in hot sauce and buttermilk, and also add spices:
                    garlic powder
                    Sea salt & pepper
                    cayenne - a good amount
                    Taste the bread crumbs before you bread the chicken. Extra cayenne for heat and spice.

                  2. One of our favorites is to dip the tenders in an egg/milk wash then into crushed potato chips. The more flavorful the chips, the better flavored the chicken. My boys like the salt and black pepper chips, sour cream and cheddar chips and a very hot chip that has Louisiana style hot sauce in it. I make homemade honey-mustard sauce with just mayonnaise, honey and mustard for dipping.

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                        I ended up seasoning the flour with salt and pepper, mixing the eggs with dijon mustard and tabasco sauce, and doing the bread crumbs (fresh ones) with salt, pepper, and cayenne. It was a nice degree of spicy, not too hot that I couldn't eat it, but it left a kick in the mouth. The tenders came out totally crispy - I did the oil on the foil lined baking sheet technique. Delish! My son gave them a thumbs up, and he hates everything. My husband liked them - and he hates everything.

                        I'll try the potato chip method next time, that sounds really good too.

                    1. We've hit on something similiar to others here but with a few twists ... To bread the tenders we use a combination of almond meal (basically pulverized almonds) mixed with grated parmigiano reggiano cheese -- seasoned with salt & pepper. Our egg wash is made of egg whites, skim milk, dijon mustard, Mrs. Dash's Garlic & Herb seasoning, and a bit of salt & pepper. Big hit at our table! And I was glad to read here the advice here about oiling the foil-lined pan -- it really worked well.

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                        I use to make this almost identical except for the mrs. D, when my husband and I were following the Atkins diet plan. I would actually make them on the stove top back then- the trick was to stick them in the fridge after you coat them otherwise the batter would slide right off.

                        I bake instead of frying now- and I never buy tenders- I just cut up chicken breasts and bread, then bake.