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Apr 23, 2007 12:42 PM

S.Fla fish shacks... got a favorite?

Hi Hounds>

The Herald posted a "fish shack" roundup today, including seafood markets that are also very casual restaurants -- Anyone care to add to the list or comment about the Herald's choices?


• Key West by the Gables, 2238 SW 57th Ave., Miami; 305-262-0205. Fish entrees $12.95-$24.95.

• Sonia's Seafood Market & Restaurant, 7501 SW Eighth St., Miami; 305-262-0878; fish entrees from $9.99

• La Camaronera, 1952 W. Flagler St., Miami; 305-642-3322; fried shrimp $6.50, fish sandwich $3, fried fish, market price

• Captain Jim Hanson's Seafood Market and Restaurant, 12950 W. Dixie Hwy., North Miami; 305-892-2812; fish entrees $8.99-$20


• Garcia's Seafood Grille and Fish Market, 398 N. River Drive, Miami. 305-375-0765. fish entrees $7-$15

• Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill, 404 North River Dr., Miami; 305-371-4107; fish entrees $11-$25 lunch, $18-$35 dinner.


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  1. Garcia's gets my vote for best fish sandwich. I've shopped at Captain Jim's but never eaten there. Haven't tried the others but I have a suspicion that Camaronera is a place a friend was singing the praises of recently for their fried shrimp.

    1. Tarks, Dania Beach. A shack in the truest sense. Best clam bellies south of Cape Cod

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        Funny, I just drove by there and was reminiscing about going to the Tark's on Hollywood Blvd. (probably 2 decades ago). Are they all gone except the Dania one now?

      2. I went to Key West by the Gables and had a nice meal of fried shrimp (7) and fries for about 16.95 the service was good and shrimp were sweet & plump. The appetizer was there version of crab croquette which were two nice size crab stuffed logs that were very tasty. The decor was nice and clean

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          South Port Raw Bar is the best!

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            Captain's Tavern in South Dade's got a real nautical, old school vibe with the fish market across the parking lot!

        2. There is a great hidden gem in coconut grove next to the Miami City Hall and behind the boat yard called Scotty's landing. Its an old time dive, the food is not awesome, however it is good solid and the most important thing is the beer is ice cold

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            Good call on that. I remember when Scotty's was just an ol time Fla hut with picnic tables. Its expansion into a bar with tent covering the tables took a little away, but hanging at the bar eating a fish sandwich on a hot afternoon is sublime. Watch out, they close by 8.

          2. AG>

            Try Heads or Tails on NW 54th Street just East of 37th Ave (Northside)...I think you'll like it, if you have not already been?

            I will attest to La Camaronera on Flagler and 18th Ave...standup only, but well worth it.

            La Perla on NW 7th St just West of Le Jeune used to be really solid too.

            ps check their hours as I do not beleive the above places stay open late.

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              I'm a big fan of Tarpon Bend's mahi sandwich with key lime dressing, and their fries are great.