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Apr 23, 2007 12:30 PM

Canto Do Brasil, SF any recent experience?

I saw this restaurant on Bay Area Check Please and it looks pretty good for Brazilian food.

Past reports mentioned service issues:

Canto do Brasil
41 Franklin St @ Oak
SF 94102


Live Samba dance show during dinner every Fri & Sat night

Signature dishes: Feijoado, Seafood Tropical, Muquecade Peixe, Coxinha

L M-Sat 11-3
Dinner: Sun-Th 5-9; F & Sat 5-10
credit cards accepted
parking: easy, paid lot

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  1. I haven't been in ages, but they used to make the best coconut flan ever. Also great caiprinhas. The most memorable savory dish was the couve (collard greens).

    1. I work close to there, so I eat there about once a month for lunch. Their dishes are generally a protein (beef, pork, chicken, fish) with rice, beans, veggies, ground yucca, and a sauce. Separate, it's kind of bland, but if you mix it together and throw on the hot sauce, it's quite a tasty and substantial dish. The hot sauce is a vinegary, red pepper mash in a little clay jar, you have to ask for it usually.

      On fridays and saturdays, they have feiojada ( a sausage stew) which they have the rice and beans and add some chopped greens. Again, you mix it all up and throw on lots of hot sauce.

      The chicken wings are delicious. They're fried and flavored with carmelized onions, lemon juice, and cilantro. I have one friend who just orders and eats the chicken wings.

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        Feijoada's a thick stew of beans cooked with sausage and/or other meats, sort of like Brazilian cassoulet. It's served on rice, with faraofa (toasted manioc flour) sprinkled on top or on the side to sprinkle on top to your taste, and with couve (collard greens) on the side.

        Like I said I haven't been for years, but Canto do Brasil used to make particularly good faraofa and couve.

      2. I believe it was just given a very favorable review on "Check, Please."