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Apr 23, 2007 12:24 PM

Seafood Markets in St. Pete??

Can someone please recommend a good, fresh seafood market in St. Pete? Reasonable prices would be great, but I am more concerned about quality. Thanks in advance!

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  1. A while back my boss mentioned a place on 62nd Ave N - the details are a little fuzzy but I think it's between 9th and 16th Street, in that little plaza on your left if you're heading west. Near the Buddhist temple? I thought it was an odd location but he's extremely picky and said the fish there is really fresh and reasonably priced. Sorry I can't be more specific - today's not a good day to ask him anything non-work-related :-)

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      Fresh Catch Seafood Market. 1900 62nd Ave N St Petersburg

    2. Bama Seafood in St Pete. Every other Friday they have an awesome shrimp sale. Gulf fresh still kickin' shrimp!
      I have also bought nice fish there

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        I saw this special mentioned on another thread a little more recent than this one. Is this deal still going? Bama doesn't have much info on their website. Do they have a retail market?

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          They do and I get their emails whenever they have a sale. Infact they are having it today and tomorrow from 10-6 10-15 count head on are 5.99lb. When you go sign up for the emails. It is handy :)

      2. Go To Mid-Peninsula Seafood at 600 49th St. S. It is not only a seafood market but also a seafood restaurant. Very good.

        Another good place is Trappman's on Gandy Blvd. east of the dog track.


        1. Save-On Seafood in Gulfport is terrific--sketchy neighborhood, but it is where some of the best restaurants in Tampa get their fish. It's super fresh and the prices are terrific.

          1. Mid-Peninsula Seafood is good for lower priced fish. Reef Seafood has the freshest fish in the area. the owner is not the friendliest but who cares if the fish is good. Located across the street from the Lobster Pot Restaurant. Behind the store is the wholesale fish operation so you know the fish is fresh. Prices are fair.