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Apr 23, 2007 12:12 PM

Charile Beinlichs, not what it use to be?

Went to a casual couple's dinner last Saturday at Charlie Beinlichs in Northbrook. Just a "burger and a beer" night. I have been going there for as far back as I can remember,but have not been in a couple of years. I have got to say I was a wee bit disapointed.

The shrimp cocktail still had the same great sauce, but the shrimp were a lot smaller. The burger was not as I remembered good but not outstanding.

Was it me? Were my taste buds not in tune? Anyone else notice this?

Your thoughts please.

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  1. Feta-
    I haven't been back in about two years, but I had a similar experience.
    I think I used to idealize that place (my dad used to take me when I was a kid) but when I started going on my own, the mystique seemed to pale until it more or less vanished.
    I still have a good time when I go with my dad!
    Give it a while, let absence lt the heart grow fonder (yadda, yadda, yadda) then give it another shot.
    In the menatime, try Norton's in downtown Highland Park- That's the new burger place I go with my dad!

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    1. re: lunchbox

      You hit the nail on the head, I use to go there with my Mom. She has been gone for a while, and I still miss her so maybe that was it. Just was not the same. Anywhoo, I will still go. Enjoy the time with your dad!

    2. My family and I have been eating at Beinlich's for over 30 years and still go there regularly. I have not detected any change in the quality of the hamburger or the shrimp cocktail. And I still get a kick watching the bartender and waiters pouring soft drinks from 2 liter bottles! This place is one great throwback in time. Whenever I enter it I feel like I am in Northern Wisconsin on a fishing trip with great food. Don