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Apr 23, 2007 11:58 AM

Women running to Boston -

Greetings -

I'm heading to Boston this weekend to meet up with my mother and sisters and another mother and her daughters (coming from TN/OH/MI - 8-10 in the party - I lived in Boston for 8 years but moved to Maine in 94 so feel a bit out of the loop. I'm looking for reasonable ideas for SEAFOOD lunches and or dinner on Sat night - Have been to No Names many times but wasn't impressed with the last trip there. How are Durgin Park and Union Oyster House? Any other recommendations?

Based on another board post on this site I've I have made reservations at Massiminos in North End on Friday night. Thanks for info -


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  1. if you want a nice blend of tradition and new, you could try legal seafood's test kitchen LTK which is out by the seaport (and near the new ICA if you're looking for tourist activities). reasonable prices, good mix of classics like fish n chips and new things and the atmosphere is cool, service was friendly.

    1. Everyone will tell you that if you like oysters, sit at the Union oyster House bar and be done. You could try Meritage in the Boston Harbor Hotel which has a variety of seafood and meat that can be ordered in both small (tho not so small) and large plates. Dinner only I think. Lineage in Coolidge Corner is very seafood-oriented and a pleasant space.

      1. I would never suggest that anyone go to No Name, Dugin Park or Union Oyster House. Sorry. IMO crappy/mediocre food at all.

        Neptune Oysters, B and G Oysters, LTK, JP Seafood, Daily CAtch are somei deas

        1. Neptun Oyster--very delish
          small location though, so be prepared to wait a bit, but it is Well worth the wait.