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Apr 23, 2007 11:54 AM

Coconut Cream Pie

I need help finding the ultimate Coconut Cream Pie recipe. I've not made one in years..Having googled it I've seen lots of different ingredients including using 1/2 Coconut Milk & Half HalfNHalf for the milk addition. Has anyone made one recently that's really good whatever the ingredients are..I'm eager to find out which ingredients make the best tasting pie?? Helllllllllp!!

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  1. I made a pretty darn good one recently for good Friday. I started with a fresh coconut, cracked & peeled it, grated some very, very fine with a microplane, and some coarse with a cheese grater. I then toasted the coarse coconut in the oven & blind-baked a pie crust. To improve on a vanilla custard filling from Joy of Cooking, I used half full-fat coconut milk, half milk and stirred in the finely grated coconut at the end. Filled the pie with that, topped with a stabilized meringue sprinkled with toasted coconut. It was delicious. The fresh coconut made all the diff in the world.

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      I made one that included both coconut milk and sweetened cream of coconut (like the product you use for Pina Colodas) and I left out the sugar. Came out great!

    2. I think that the best ones are made the old fashioned way with a custard base....You can find these types of recipes in any of the old cookbooks...Better Homes and Gardens, Joy of Cooking, etc.

        Above is a link to some suggestions here at Chowhound for coconut pie.

        1. Cooks Illustrated has a fabulous recipe. My friend made it last summer, and I still think about it today....

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            Diva was it really that good tasting?? lol I did copy the paraphrased version of the other thread. Seems like it has lots of egg yolks compared to other recipes....Hmm