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Apr 23, 2007 11:51 AM

Ozark Pepper Ham: all that?

15 years ago, while holding a student job in a Cambridge, MA cheese store I encountered something I think was called "Ozark Pepper Ham" ... it was a whole ham that sat on a spindle, all day long, on top of the counter at room temperature and we'd cut and sell pieces off of it. It was so tender and melt-in-your mouth buttery delicious that I used to sneak bits of it when no one was looking.

I've never seen it anywhere else, but can't forget it either!

Fast forward 15 years, and my son's baptism is next month and I *finally* have a legitimate reason to order an entire ham.

I found something by that same name at "petit jean meats" [scroll down]

Has anyone tried this ham? Is this the ham that haunts me from 1993? Is it good enough to make people drop their forks and shout, "this is so much better than Honey Baked Ham, we're amazed!"?

The pepper ham I remember was really that good but it's been awhile.

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  1. Better late than never! Not sure if the same ham but some years ago a peppered ham won prizes at the NY Fancy Food show. I got hooked on it via Fairway but they were slow to promote it and stopped carrying it. I traced it ( leaning heavily on Fairway) to, but have recently discovered that they are selling the petit jean meats ham. I had one delivered recently and it was perfect addition to potluck picnic, didn't bother to heat it just unwrapped and ate! Much the best ham I have had in years and I can recommend ( perhaps for your son's confirmation at this point?) for any large gathering