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Apr 23, 2007 11:39 AM

Dinner in Ann Arbor

My fiance and I will be in Ann Arbor for the day in early May. I am looking for a very good, inexpensive restaurant with vegetarian (not vegan) options for him, but regular food for me. Most importantly, something close to the ark if possible...and preferrably not too pricey....any suggestions??

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  1. Seva. It is all vegetarian but appeals to everyone. I am a dedicated carnivore and I enjoy it. Interesting Mexican style dishes, stir fries, etc. I think you will both be pleased.

    1. It's interesting how tough an order this is. Sounds like a business opportunity to me. Seva is OK, but I find it a bit on the bland side (good sweet potato fries, though). The major restaurants along Main may have a vegetarian dish or two but not a big spread of options. If you like Ethiopian food (or are curious to try it), there is the Blue Nile, 1 1/2 blocks from the Ark. There are basically two options, the vegetarian plate or the meat plate. You eat with your hands, scooping up food with the bread on which the dishes are served. Really delicious IMO, a bit spicy but not blazing hot. Otherwise try Arabic or Indian food--the best ones around are not downtown, but there are some decent options: Ali Baba on Packard is a simple Middle Eastern place, and Shalimar on Washington is an Indian place with alcohol. Some like Chennai Villas on N. Main--haven't been there yet.

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        Red Sea on Washtenaw is another (slightly cheaper) option for Ethiopian. Delicious!

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          If by chance you do end up hitting the Blue Nile, I say all in for the vegetarian plate. I am a meathound but all the bedazzle was in the veggie portion of the dinner and the meat was not worth the extra buck or two.

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            Shalimar is on Main Street as well as Washington. The Main street location is their traditional North Indian "Haute Cuisine" whereas I believe the one on Washington now specializes in more of a Southern Indian menu. Both have extensive vegetarian options.

          2. HE is the vegetarian? What a party pooper:)

            Palio is across the street and has lots of pasta varieties. He could just order pesto in whatever kind of pasta.

            Does he eat fish? That would open you up to the Real Seafood Company, also across the street from the Ark.

            If I were you, though, there's Seva, a longtime vegetarian restaurant on Liberty, maybe a 3 block walk from the Ark, certainly not too far. Their food is quite good. That's what I'd do, he'd appreciate it I'm guessing. It's all vegetarian, but they do have things you'll find acceptable.

            1. Another option is Amadeus. It is on Washington St. and serves Polish/European food. They have perogies for the vegetarian and plenty of delicious meat entrees for everyone else! The ambience is also very nice. Another option for seriously cheap and delicious eats for vegetarian and meat eaters alike is Jerusalem Garden. Their falafel is the best around. They don't have alcohol (Amadeus does) if that makes a difference.

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                Yumm! Thanks! I am thinking either Amadeus or Seva...anyone know which is less $$? :) Also, where is Amadeus in relation to The Ark?

                1. re: FOTOgrlNic

                  Neither is top-dollar, but Seva would be a little cheaper. From Amadeus to the Ark: one block down to Main and then 1 1/2 blocks south--very close. I like Amadeus, too (had forgotten the pierogies as a veggie option), but allow time if you're going to eat there--they have a leisurely European pace.

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                    The last time I dined at Amadeus (it's been a while), they sprinkled crumbled bacon on the pierogies. You'd have to ask them to leave that off.

                    1. re: Summerfield

                      I wouldn't recommend Amadeus for a vegetarian. It's Middle Europe cooking and it's going to be tough to find a good selection. Vegetarian is really an after thought. Seva would be my choice if you want a true vegetarian restaurant. Shalimar gets very overloaded in the evenings (friends had a 7:30 reservation and didn't get seated until 8:15 on a recent Saturday.) And at Palio, you'll get served way too much food, especially if you don't plan to take it home.

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                        Thanks for all the reccomendations! We went to Seva---right before seeing the best concert of my life at the Ark (Ms. Brandi Carlile---for the third time!)...I had the portabella sandwich which was very good, but the highlight was those darn yam fries!!! They were PHENOMENAL!!!! Thanks for the advice!! :)