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Apr 23, 2007 11:24 AM

Brunch in Ann Arbor?

Coming in to visit the relatives, and looking for a great brunch in the Ann Arbor area. The family has gone to the Gandy Dancer one too many times, and looking for somewhere new to go.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Angelo's for the thing that everyone likes and waits in line for; Cafe Zola downtown is good and sophisticated brunchy stuff.

    1. If I never eat at the Gandy Dancer again it will be too soon! Right now all the foodies I know are talking about and enjoying the Sunday Brunch at the Quarter Bistro (on West Stadium where Stadium and Maple split). I have not had the pleasure of their brunch but eat here frequently and their food is delicious. Everyone says their brunch is fabulous with a huge selection of yummy stuff.

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        I agree on the Gandy--you're paying for atmosphere only as the food is SO unremarkable. Have heard Weber's is a better bet for a "fancier, traditional" brunch, although still no raves. Shame there are no better options.

      2. Zanzabar has one of the most phenomanal brunches in ann arbor, quite possibly the best after gandy. I would be really surprised if you weren't totally satisfied.