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Apr 23, 2007 11:17 AM

Good Brunch in mid-town/3rd st & La Brea area?

Or anywhere within 15 minutes away?

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  1. Doughboys on Third is good and so is Quality food and beverage on third. I am not sure if they do brunch at Campanile/ La Brea Bakery...check it out. I also like LuLu on Beverly and BLD on Beverly.

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      1. re: hungrygirl106

        Agree that it's very good (although I don't like their roast beef hash; it's too soupy). I think they serve brunch on weekends only, however.

    1. So many choices in this area -- excluding what was already noted, there's also Toast, Urth Cafe, King's Road Cafe, MILK.

      1. Hesitant to give away my little brunch secret in that hood, but Luna Park, at La Brea and Wilshire has a good brunch, with no line ever. And you can even get OpenTable points if you reserve 15 minutes ahead of time online.

        Also, Campanile does do brunch, but reservations are definitely necessary. It's a very nice brunch.

        Loads of places in the Farmer's Market do tasty brunch as well (though Dupar's is not my favorite... you have to be into pork products in everything in order to enjoy it).

        1. My boyfriend and I have been eating breakfast out almost every weekend for the past five years. In our rotation:

          Cayenne Cafe (Beverly just West of La Brea): We found this place after trying to get into too-crowded Lulu's next door (which is good if you don't mind waiting). I always get the French omelet with the awesome fruit side.

          Eat Well (Beverly, East of Fairfax): Healthy and not so healthy choices are available. I like the spinach/cheese omelette.

          Doughboys (when we don't mind waiting for a good breakfast, this is where we go first)

          The sit-down restaurant in the Farmer's Market near Dupar's (sorry, can't think of the name) has some unusual selections and pitchers of mimosas.

          Jan's on Beverly, east of La Cienega (sometimes you just want an old-fashioned coffee shop breakfast)

          Cafe Latte (Wilshire/Crescent Heights): We used to go here every weekend after we moved into the neighborhood but haven't been for months after they changed ownership and food sort of went downhill. However, we stopped in for take-out coffee yesterday and some of the dishes looked back to their normal selves.

          The Griddle (Sunset/Fairfax): We went once to experience it, but the wait is too long and the food too big to go back anytime soon.

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          1. re: ITurnedOutTV

            Wow, sounds like you've made the rounds! The place on Beverly is Cayenne Cafe, just to be specific, and the one in Farmer's Market is Kokomo. Loteria next door also has some good Mexican brunch items.
            Do you ever go to Fiddler's Bistro? It's been a few years, but I used to enjoy their omelets with spinach and feta cheese, and it doesn't seem like it would be crowded.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              I meant to include Fiddler's Bistro. We've eaten there (on your long-ago recommendation, in fact), and have always been happy with our breakfasts and lack of wait. I don't know why we keep forgetting about it.

              P.S. I corrected the Cayenne Cafe spelling a bit after I wrote it. Consider it a pre-lunch brain-lapse.

          2. I love BLD but HATE Doughboys - I would definitely not recommend going there. Here's my previous rant, if you're interested:

            King's Road Cafe on Beverly also has very good breakfast/brunch food - it's more casual than BLD but has just as yummy food.

            I've never been to Toast, but every time I drive by on a weekend morning, I note with horror the enormous crowds milling around outside (presumably waiting for a table).