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Apr 23, 2007 10:58 AM

Hob Nob in Alameda-Anyone been?

Hob Nob opened on 4/18 at the venerable Kelly's/Barceluna/Driftwood spot on Park Street.
Small plates and a plethora of brews the specialities- Anyone been there yet?

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  1. I saw a banner about a new place and was surprised. Didn't Kelly's pull out kind of fast or is this the same owners with a different concept than just a bar?

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    1. re: foodfan

      The Hob Nob owners are the same crew (executive chef, etc.) that operate ThirstyBear in SF. Kelly's/Barceluna were supposed to relocate to the Gold Coast Grill site, but
      that deal fell through.

      Supposedly Hob Nob will specialize in "American small plates". I've had some pretty good experiences at ThirstyBear, so the whole thing looks promising- I'll try to get in Hob Nob this week-

      1. re: alameda fats

        How did I miss the Gold Coast Grill leaving? I only ate there a couple of times but always got the lamb, it was great!

        1. re: foodfan

          It's still there as far as I know.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            The Barceluna acquisition of Gold Coast fell through. So where did
            Barceluna go?

        2. re: alameda fats

          The concept is suppose to be like "game night" at a friends house. Play games, eat good food, and hang out with friends, but in a bar.

      2. We happened to be walking by on Friday evening, saw the "grand opening" sign so gave it a try. Feels more like a bar than a cafe except that there were a couple of tables of teenagers. They have a bunch of board games.

        Very short menu, maybe ten snacky-type items. Wine list was not yet in place. Martini was fine. French fries were excellent. Spiced nuts were okay. Olives weren't very good. Crab cakes looked good. Food didn't make me think of Thirsty Bear.

        Friendly place, nice atmosphere, inexpensive. If I lived nearby I'd probably hang out there regularly.