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Apr 23, 2007 10:49 AM

Brasa or Restaurant Zoe?

Hi - I'm in So Cal and flying up to Seattle Memorial Day weekend.

My dining plan is all mapped out save for one evening -- where should I eat, between the 2 places above -- Brasa or Restaurant Zoe? Years ago a friend raved about Brasa, and once I walked by and it looked incredible. However while researching this trip I also came across Zoe. How to decide? Each isn't open for lunch and I only have 1 dinner opportunity left. In addition, I also haven't ever been to Fandango or Flying Fish. So really of those 4 places (most others I've been to) is there a favorite for dining at the bar?


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  1. While traveling solo recently I had a great dinner at the bar at Zoe. And after having a drink at Brasa on the same night, I much prefer the menu and atmosphere at Zoe.

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    1. re: rcburli

      I second the vote for Restaurant Zoe.

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        Brasa has a hip/swanky vibe, but the food at Zoe is way better, IMHO.

        1. re: NickZ

          Thanks everyone! Sounds like an easy decision.

          1. re: marlyd

            Fandango has been closed for quite awhile now so that makes your decision even easier.

    2. I really recommend the Fish. If you can fit it in. Zoe is good. I haven't been to Brasa. But Chris Keff and the Fish are not to miss. The Fish is more Seattle than Zoe is.

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      1. re: sophie.

        "The Fish is more Seattle than Zoe is."

        Just curious what you mean by this. What is a 'Seattle' restaurant to you?

        Because they serve more fish, more Pac Rim? I think they are probably comparable in terms of seasonal/local. Because you can see the water from 1st but not 2nd? Is Zoe too upscale to qualify as 'Seattle'?

        1. re: babette feasts

          Chris Keff does almost all organic and has a really strong partnership with Whistling Train Farm.

          And yes, it does have a better location --- but that's quite minor. However I do think that fish and the Pac Rim are factors that played into that comment.

          I also think that while the food is definitely good and perhaps local as well, Zoe has a more pretentious atmosphere. I don't think a higher price point has that much to do with it.

          1. re: sophie.

            Thanks for expanding on that. I see what you're saying. I didn't realize the Fish was mostly organic - is that recent or has it always been that way? I don't find Zoe pretentious, but I could see how it (mostly the clientele)can be a little more hipster and how that could be offputting. I'm a native but I still like to get out of my jeans and polar fleece every now and then ; ) and I think I want Seattle to be just a little bit fancier than we tend to be.

            1. re: babette feasts

              The shift to organic has been in the past few years, not new, but not that old either.

              I feel like we are pretty much on the same page.

              I'm moving to Vancouver this summer and I'm quite excited because while it retains the northwest liberal atmosphere, you drop your fleece at the border. Well most of it anyway... I think the culture is a bit more fashion-conscious up north.

              1. re: sophie.

                I am offended that you don't that you do not think fleeces are fashion-conscious. This is worse then the time I was told the combover went out style.

      2. I have to put a vote in for Brasa to balance things out. I have recently eaten two excellent dinners there. The wine list there is also very good with one side devoted to more garage type wines from the wrong side of the tracks as they say.

        1. I ate at Restaurant Zoe once and I don't recall there being anything special about the food. I would choose Lark, Crush or the handful of other restaurants in town that do Pacific Northwest waaaay better. I wouldn't knock Brasa, it actually serves more unique fare than Restaurant Zoe. Zoe was pretty mediocre from my only experience eating there. It also felt like a wanna be hip LA type restaurant which is also lame IMO. Just saying.

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          1. re: landguy

            Well considering I live in LA, I don't want that! :)
            I will walk around and check all these places out when I get there. Thanks everyone!