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Apr 23, 2007 10:43 AM

Where to buy dried white beans? (Toronto or Canada)

I keep coming across wonderful recipes that use dried white beans, but have been able to find any in my local stores. Does anyone know where I could buy these in Toronto or could recommend a good place online (preferably in Canada since I'm not sure if they'll ship beans across the border?) where I could order some?

Thanks kindly,

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  1. what type of white beans? as you can see there are many different types and most are interchangeable.

    - great northern beans
    - cannelli beans
    - white kidney beans
    - fazolia bean
    - navy bean
    - flageolets

    you can always use canned white beans as well, just adjust your recipe. 1 cup dried beans yields 2 1/2 cups cooked beans. i do it all the time.

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    1. re: hipfunkyfun

      Apologies, I should have specified: I'm looking for Tuscan white beans. I hadn't realized there were different types of dried white beans! I just found dried small white beans (labelled just "white beans" in an upscale food shop, but canned white beans are definitely cheaper. Can I used canned beans in a slow cooker recipe? Thanks so much for your help!

      1. re: inkygirl

        Tuscans use many different kinds of beans--zolfini, sorane, barlotti, garfagnine, malati, and on and on, so you're safe in picking a general all-purpose white bean. Find, if you can, dried cannellini or barlotti. Great Northern beans and navy beans will do as well. I'd head to Rube's Rice at St. Lawrence market for dried, or Domino's also at the market for canned cannellini and barlotti (and other Italian types). My local healthfood store has canned cannellini from time to time, so they're out there.

    2. No need to get these over the boarder. Check the legumes section of you local loblaws, No Frills or Price Chopper. If you are looking for specific kinds check either the bulk barn or for anything more exotic you can also go to Whole Foods.

      Rube's in the basement of the St Lawrence Market he has quite the amazing selection!

      Good luck.

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      1. re: Otonabee

        The only supermarket within walking distance doesn't carry them. I used to live in downtown Toronto near St. Lawrence Market (I live in north Toronto now) and miss that market terribly!

        I did check out an upscale gourmet shop this afternoon and found small dried white beans. I'm going to use them even if they aren't "Tuscan white beans" because I figure it's better than nothing.

        Thanks so much for the advice!

        1. re: inkygirl

          Noah's carries a wide variety of organic beans. You can most definitely substitute canned for dried - rinse them really well though as canned beans tend to have a lot of salt. The cooking time will be reduced somewhat too.