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Apr 23, 2007 10:40 AM

Chicken Scarpiello on Long Island

Does anyone know where on Long Island they serve Chicken Scarpiello?

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  1. Try La Parma they're in several locations and have a menu on line

    1. La Parma's is decent, but overpriced, and teh chicken is always dried out.

      The best I've encountered is actually at Jimmy Hays steakhouse in Island Park.

      1. I've had it at Ciao Baby, they have several locations. I seem to recall it was good.

        Many LI restaurants serve it, from Greenport to Massapequa, La Scala in Commack and their other restaurant Cafe Amici in Selden does it.

        La Capricciosa is the place in Greenport; theirs has a lot of rosemary in it, we like it.
        La Villini in East Northport has something called Chicken campagnola seems to be very similar, sausage, potatoes, on the bone.
        Also Sicilia D'Oro in Patchogue. I'm sure there's plenty more places.

        The variations will be potatoes or not, ratio of sweet vs hot sausage, on the bone traditional or white breast meat; some places will give you a choice.

        1. I had good chicken scarpiello at LaViola in Syosset.

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            Steve's Piccola Bussola in Westbury. Delish. Stick to on the bone. More fun to eat and much juicier.

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              Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate the recommendations and will report back.

          2. If you are a huge chicken scarpiello fan and ever eating in the Bronx, you should try Dominic's on Arthur Ave. We travel over an hour to get there and it is worth it everytime.