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Apr 23, 2007 10:08 AM

Ahh! It's 85 degrees out! Where's best for outdoor dining near Manchester NH?

One of my favorite places to eat outdoors is Cotton. The area is shaded by grape vines, and surrounded by bushes and fencing.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for other outdoor places to eat? How is that restaurant next to the baseball stadium, is it any good, and can you actually see the game when eating outdoors there?

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  1. Cremeland has some outdoor tables, but it's not exactly scenic. If you look down Valley Street you can see the jail.

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      I actually went there today for an ice cream. And as nice as the jail is, I can't really reccomend the place for outdoor eating. :-) I have yet to try their hot food, but being an ice cream place I thought that would be the place to start to see if it was a good place to eat or not. I got a root beer float. I wasn't very impressed with it. There was hardly any root beer and what there was was mixed well with the ice cream before I even dipped my spoon in because the ice cream wasn't very hard. It might be a local landmark, and have okay food, but the root beer floats I get at the ice cream place in the mall are way better and presented much more nicely as well. I've also tried Cremeland's soft serve in the past. I wanted to try something more exotic than a root beer float, but Cremeland doesn't have all that much in the way of exotic flavors. I have to buy Haagen-Dazs at the supermarket to get my fix of peach sorbet or amazon chcoclate. :-)

      (I don't reccomend either amazon chcolate or mayan chocolate, (especially mayan) but peach sorbet is pretty good. Oh and avoid the new honey flavored one too unless you like butterscotch. I hate butterscotch.)

      You know what the best ice cream in the area is? Cold Stone Creamery in Nashua, next to the Texas Roadhouse. Their stuff is awesome.

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        Beg to differ about Cold Stone Creamery. Their ice cream is synthetic and it's all about the mix-ins. Not to mention the outrageous price. Try Jakes, which is about a half mile further west, diagonally across from Joey's Diner. http://www.jakesoldfashionedicecream....

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          I didn't know it was synthetic, but the mix-ins are what I like about it. It gets boring just eating plain old ice cream all the time. Haagen-Dazs as far as I can tell from the ingredients is all natural, and it tastes great, so if I go out to an ice cream place to pay premium prices for something I eat all the time at home, I want mix-ins or exotic flavors. I see people on food network getting to try stuff like canteloupe ice cream and they rave about how wonderful it is and then I can't find anywhere to try it. :-)

          And thanks for suggesting Jake's, I'll try that.

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      1. We were discussing the same topic yesterday. I can add the Derryfield Country Club which has a huge deck. It has been over a year since I was there and my memory of the food was that it was pretty underwhelming. Anyone been lately?
        Also Fratellos in the Mill are has outdoor eating too.

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          I've been to the Derryfield, but haen't eaten there. I felt like I was walking into a nursing home. :-) So I grabbed a menu and saw it was pretty expensive and didn't seem to have very creative food items, and left.

          As for Fratellos... Yeah, they have outdoor dining. It doesn't have great views, but it's decent. And overall the restaraunt is nicely decorated. Unfortunately, the food is kinda crummy. The pasta always seems dry, and the sauces are either super thick or like liquid and fails to stick to the pasta.

        2. JILLIANS! Seriously they have wonderful "pub grub" and they are right on the Merrimack river in the Mill. Look for them right off exit 5 on Granite St. It is not quite the quality of Cotton (and definately does not have the prices) but it is a great place to relax, unwind, have a nice drink and some light fare and just enjoy the breezes off the river.

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          1. re: gryphonskeeper

            I will respectfully have to beg to differ. :-) Their burgers are too greasy and flavorless, their fish is terrible, their fries are overcooked and oversalted. Plus they allow smoking.

            And speaking of horrible pub grub, I really wanted to like the Shaskeen, cause they're non-smoking and they play relaxing irish music, but their food is awful. Worse than Jillian's. And now they ruined the facade of the bar (and have done a disservice to Elm Street) by putting in these cheesy automatic doors like you'd find on a supermarket, because they designed the bar poorly and could not keep out the winter cold with one set of doors.

            1. re: Ratatouille

              wow, when I went last time (about a year ago) it was great... (well for pub food) I had the onion rings and stuffed mushrooms I think.

              maybe it has changed since then, that or I should be grateful I did not have burgers and fries... lol