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Apr 23, 2007 09:33 AM

Rosa Mexicano-Union Square Review

Decided to try it for my birthday dinner. Having read the reviews, I
was excited for the guacamole. It was the only good thing.
My boyfriend and I arrived shortly before our reservation and didn't
have to wait long. The place is huge and almost industrial like. I
could barely hear myself think, but would overlook it for good food
and service. Nope.
Our waitress barely said anything to us the entire time. She didn't
introduce herself. Right off the bat she asked us if we wanted a
single or double guacamole. Single or double? Having studied the
menu online, I was ready just to order the regular sized guacamole for
two people for $14. Thankfully we didnt order the double, which would
have been $28 and sized for four people. Either way, it was
All the drinks were very small, I'm glad I went with a beer. My
boyfriend ordered a drink that was supposed to have cinnamon sugar on
the rim. Surprise, surprise, it didn't.
He ordered the lamb shank (Mixiote de Borrego), which was cooked in a
sack that was then opened tableside. Pretty cool presentation, and he
enjoyed it.
I ordered the seared tuna dish (Ensalada con AtĂșn). The waitress
practically yelled at me that the dish was a salad. Do they really
need to remind you of that when 'ensalada' is in the name? When it
arrived, I was reminded about reviews I read that said that the meals
seemed refrigerated and re-heated. The tuna was cold and had a weird
texture. The salad would have been decent if it were not covered in
salt. It was also the spiciest salad I have ever had in my life.
At some point, my boyfriend ordered a beer that never came. We felt
rushed through our meal and left before dessert. Definitely not going
there again, you're much better off going to a small local place or
even Dos Caminos. I expected a lot better for prices.

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  1. I had brunch there last month on a Sunday afternoon. The food was very tasty, and the service was excellent. As well, the noise level was not uncomfortable.

    However, the room has very high ceilings and lots of wood and glass (little insulation?) so I can imagine that when it is crowded, it could get pretty loud.

    I like the Rosa Mexicano at Lincoln Center, and this new one didn't disappoint me, either.

    Why do you want your server to "introduce" themselves?

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    1. re: ChefJune

      Oh, I guess that's more of a personal preference. Not a big deal at all, I just like it when my server introduces themselves so that way if I need something i can say their name to get their attention. It was more to add to my point that it was very hurried. It's not really something that is a significant positive or negative to me, but it's something that I take note of.

    2. I work near union sq. and like Rosa Mexicana as a business lunch locale, nothing more. Their fish tacos are good, the mole was passable and I've had most of the apps which were good but nothing mind blowing. Being from south Texas I think it's decent, but it doesn't hold a candle to true Mexican.

      1. I'll bet the wait staff could have told you the margins on the quac and the special drinks they try to get you to order. Sometimes the food is pretty good, but the ambiance seems to be about commerce. Try Crema for interesting Mexican food.

        1. Fully agree that the new location is far below the originals!! Do give the 2 other locations a try. Eastside-neighborhoody, traditional atmosphere. Lincoln Center- pretty room, trendy atmoshere, fun. Both are really good!!

          1. I really like how huge the dining room is. It's a pity you left before dessert. The chocolate soufflé with tomatillo sauce is to die for. I agree that the tuna salad is gross.