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Apr 23, 2007 09:29 AM

King Yum...Yummy!

Now that Jade Mountain in Manhattan is RIP, I needed a 50s Jewish Chinese fix and found it at the oldest continuosly operated Chinese/Polynesian restaurant in NYC. King Yum. Best egg rolls, spare ribs, roast pork, bacon wrapped butterfly shrimp with onions, special fried rice. Hot and sour soup disappointed but I should have ordered the won ton. $100 for 4. Enjoyed almost as much as Per Se the following night (see Manhattan board).

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  1. I live about five minutes away from this place and also believe it has some good old school cantonese, unfortuantely that includes a ton of salt in every bite. I have to drink a gallon of water after the meal.......but its worth it.

    1. Grew up in Queens in the 50's (though closer to Lum's than King Yum's) and now live in the Bronx, home of Golden Gate. If you're in the Riverdale neighborhood, stop by for the ribs, eggrolls, and lobster (either Cantonese or with burnt pork). You won't be disappointed - although, for reasons beyond my comprehension, they do not do old school fried rice particularly well and we generally skip it. Their 50's Chinese-style spareribs are platonic perfection, though, and worth a detour.