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Apr 23, 2007 08:58 AM

Nachos in SF?

Who has the best nachos in SF? I know nachos aren't exactly fine Mexican fare, but I can't help but love nachos. I grew up eating great, huge, servings of nachos as a kid in Napa, but I haven't found any place in SF that really do the trick. FYI - I prefer nachos with refried beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, olives, onions and jalapenos. Meat is okay, if it is really good, but it's not necessary.

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  1. Ironically, I was just thinking the same thing over the weekend when I was craving them. Seems you can't get a decent plate of good nachos these days. And I'm with you in preferring refried beans and all the other fixings, WITHOUT meat!

    Curious to see if anyone can provide any suggestions.

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      Yeah! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one out there with a fondness for nachos. I used to live in Santa Cruz and found some good nacho's at Tampico's. In SF, the best I've found are at Pancho's, but they serve a yuppified version...

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        Not in SF and I haven't had them yet, but La Borinquena on 7th in Oakland has had a few good posts.
        From the second link ..

        "the tortilla chips and tostada shells they make from those tortillas are toe-curling good! ... They have nachos that are so goopy, gloppy fabulous but they don't use their housemade chips for them - they giggle at me when I go to one side of the store for the chips and then bring them to the taqueria side and tell them to make my nachos with the better chips - perhaps a mite eccentric, but I know what I like! "

        You can order your nachos anyway you want. This is a little Mexican deli/grocery. So if looking for ambiance or margaritas with those nachos, this ain't the place.

        Where have you tried nachos, kresge86? It would give us an idea what you don't like.

        1. re: rworange

          Hmm... well over the years I've tried the nachos at a bunch of places, but I don't know if I can recall all of them. Recently, I was disappointed by the nachos at Papalote's at both locations (too salty) and at La Fonda in the Inner Sunset (just not exciting). I've also tried nachos at El Faro in SOMA (not enough stuff on them, and refried beans are too runny for nachos), Pancho Villa on 16th (runny and just not very good), La Venida's in the Inner Sunset, Palapas downtown, Taqueria Can Cun, Tommy's Mexican in the Richmond, El Sombrero (sadly, now closed) and Balazo on Haight. There are many more, I'm just having trouble remembering all the names.

      2. I really, really like the nachos at Zona Rosa on Haight and Shrader. Their burritos can't hold a candle to the best of the Mission, and in fact don't even really rate at all beyond "decent", but their nachos are a several pound work of art, with or without meat.

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        1. re: celeste

          I've also heard the nachos at Zona Rosa are really good...

          1. re: virtualguthrie

            haven't been to Zona Rosa in years, but my coworkers and I used to go alot. their quesadillas aren't bad either.

            1. re: kc72

              Thanks all! Clearly, I need to try the nachos at Zona Rosa. Hmm... maybe even tonight :)

        2. this might not be what you're looking for b/c these nachos include both mango and bbq sauce, but asquew grill makes some great nachos that they deliver to hobson's choice. they're not on the regular restaurant menu, only on the bar menu at hobson's. i guess i should caveat my recommendation by admitting that we are always a few hobson's house punches into the night when these are ordered and enjoyed! :)

          1. There was a place on New Montgomery, I think it was, that was trashed by the Loma Prieta earthquake that had nachos that rose above the level of beer-drinking food. It was called Don Ramon, and there's a place by the same name on 11th Street now, though I don't know if it's the same establishment.

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            1. Velvet Cantena on 23rd and Bartlett (?) has some pretty good nachos. They use their version of liquid cheese goo. I forget what people call that liquidfied cheese with salsa.