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Apr 23, 2007 08:46 AM

Best Taco I've Ever Had...In KC

Believe it, or not: I got the best taco I've ever had, and I bought it at the junk yard! At Pick N' Pull (the old U-Wrench-It -- 8012 Truman Road), there is a white box truck in the parking lot. Inside that truck is a kitchen, of sorts, and from that kitchen come the very best tacos I've ever had in my life. They make the shells right there in the truck, the meats are perfectly cooked, the entire parking lot smells wonderful and the guy who is serving up the food is extremely kind. So, if you don't mind eating in the parking lot of a junk yard, you should check this place out.

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  1. I gather from your previous posts that you talking about Kansas City? You might want to edit this one to put that in the subject line....

    Too bad you’re so far away. I’d love to try those tacos.....

    Uncle Ira

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    1. Whoa, I love tips like this! When did you get this taco?

      In my experience, food trucks keep irregular hours at best...I'd hate to make the drive in vain. Any suggestions?

      Can you tell a little more what the taco was like? Sounds like it was a fried shell rather than soft tortilla. Are you saying the tortillas were fresh and handmade, and then fried right there? How were the tacos filled and dressed?

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        More info, please, and does the truck have a name, and I wonder if they sell anywhere else? That's at least an hour drive for me, one way. Sounds fantastic...

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          I've had the taco a number of times, most recently about 4 months ago. To my knowledge the truck doesn't have a name -- I suppose you could call Pick-n-pull and ask if the truck is out there...they'd probably tell you.

          The shell is definately fried right in the truck, and they were corn rather than flour. Whether or not they actually created the dough for the tortillas in the truck is beyond me. It's actually sort of difficult to put a distinct reason that the taco was so very good -- the shell really was amazing (better than any I've had before), and the meat just had so much flavor, perhaps because the grill was so well seasoned? It's really just something you've got to try. You've got various toppings available, and they're filled with pork, chicken or beef (I had the beef). They've also got extremely hot peppers on the picnic table next to the truck.

          Given that I was the only English speaking guest, I would guess these are pretty authentic to the tacos you'd find in Mexico.