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Apr 23, 2007 08:29 AM

enjoying the weather...outdoor happy hours?

my friends and i are gonna take advantage of the nice weather and get some drinks outdoors after work, preferably downtown (east village/union square). wondering if there are any spots people would recommend?

i know there's been a few threads on this but i can't seem to find an exact answer to this question.

comfortable & relaxed, cheap(ish) drinks, gardens, patios, or big open windows. we know of Miracle Grill, Croxley's, that asian place on 4th Ave/Astor, luna park, shake shack. anything else?

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  1. 230 Fifth is the BEST for great weather!!!!

    1. As tired as the menu is and as tawdry as the decor is (although it does have some stuff I'm fond of in a nostalgic way, try the grilled brie with avocado on baguette) the garden at Yaffa Cafe on St Marks can be really really fun. I met a friend here in the middle of the day a little while ago, and we sat around drinking Bellinis and eating omlettes to our heart's content.

      230 Fifth is a great idea.

      On 32nd St between Broadway and Fifth is Me Bar, at the top of La Quinta Inn. It's worth going a little north for the incredible views of the Empire State Building.

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        "Yaffa Cafe on St Marks" is closed.

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          Just called and asked about hours at Yaffa. Was told "we're always open." I think you're mistaken.

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            shooot, I read that as dojo...sorry, I was mistaken.

      2. pangea on 2nd avenue btw 11th and 12th streets has a sidewalk patio and a better atmosphere than many of the generic spots nearby that open on to the street. food is seriously meh, though. don't be tempted.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Cibar on Irving has an outdoor garden in back.

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              DBA has a great backyard and so does Royale on C and 9th