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Apr 23, 2007 08:21 AM

The New Provence

Provence brings back great memorie of days-gone-by in my 20s.

I notice that the owners of Cookshop have re-opened the restaurant. Love Cookshop. Has anyone been to Provence since it re-opened a couple of weeks ago?

thinking of heading downtown soon.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I just read that review -- -- and I have to add that I read a similarly discouraging review regarding the food on another forum.

      1. I had dinner at Provence last week, and I didn't love it. The atmosphere was lovely, and the service very attentive, but the food was so so. We had codfish fritters with a lemon aoli )fritters and aoli were good but fritters VERY salty), a goat cheese soufle (not very good. Heavy), some sort of escargot appetizer (rubbery), and the hangar steak. The steak was not served with a starch and so we had to order a $6 side of mash. We had plenty of wine, and so the bill was pretty expensive. I will not be rushing back.

        1. Regrettably, I have a similar tale to add to those posters who have already commented on the restaurant. I had really looked forward to the reopening of this restaurant, as it is in our neighborhood and we are fans of Five Points.

          The rooms are gorgeous, and the staff was great. We received a very warm welcome when we entered the restaurant, which is not something we were used to at the old Provence (and hence, didn't go there very often).

          The menu was intriguing. I had the grilled shrimp, fennel and snow pea salad (entree) and I enjoyed it. Two of my dining companions were disappointed by their meal, to the point where these two hearty and enthusiastic eaters did not even finish their had the hanger steak and one had the lamb stew. My third dining companion had the special, a pork sausage of some sort, and she really enjoyed it.

          Hopefully the restaurant is working out the kinks and we'll likely give it another try-- but if it wasn't in the neighborhood, we probably wouldn't go out of our way to do so.