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Apr 23, 2007 08:19 AM

Latin Cafe

Located at the corner of Railroad and First St in downtown Morgan City. Pretty darn good Cuban food. Tried the cuban hamburger (ground beef & pork, topped with julienne fried potatoes), the cuba libre sandwich (shredded pork in a garlic, onion, and wine sauce), the black beans, ham croquettes, potato puffs (fried potato croquettes with shredded beef), and meat pies. Interesting selection of sodas, cuban coffee, and slightly upscale nightly specialties including steak & grilled fish. Definitely worth the short detour off of US 90, if you're passing through.

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  1. darn. this sounds much better than the Lockport Food Festival, which was hugely disappointing and not really very food oriented.

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      Oh, sorry you wasted a road trip on that one---I could have steered you clear of it.

    2. If you want to go to this restaurant for dinner, plan to get there early. I was in Morgan City last night and skipped lunch just so I could be ready for this place. We arrived at exactly 8:19pm and the door was locked. There were a few diners inside finishing up dinner, but they certainly weren't seating any more people.

      1. It's called "Latin Corner" and yeah, it's great. I always recommend people traveling hwy. 90 to stop in. I used to do a lot of work in Morgan City and ate there quite often. Cuban sandwiches are excellent. Their home made hot sauce alone is worth the trip. Rita Mae's has good soul food, too.