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Apr 23, 2007 08:15 AM

Rehoboth Beach on a budget

Any recommendations for places to eat that are less expensive? Dinner for 2 around $50? I know this eliminates the usual suspects like Eden, Blue Moon, 59 Lake, Espuma etc. Would prefer a place in downtown Rehoboth (not Route 1). Thanks!

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  1. Try Dos Locos. Dinner for 2 with drinks should put you right around 50.00.

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      Dos Locos is good - also consider GO Fish which is a Fish & Chips joint currently open only on the weekends but they have $11 entree specials. And Confucious has an amazing salmon plus traditional Chinese dishes.

    2. Stoney Lonen on Second St. serves up their acclaimed fish and chips for half price (8 bucks) on friday night.3 dollar pints also.This is one of the better deals in Rehoboth.

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      1. re: billfish

        That's a great tip. Is it more typically a heavy handed fry job, or lighter style? Just curious.

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          Though its billed as "Dark Irish Ale Battered" its not the stereotypical "batter envelope".Thinner and a lot more subtle than say,Long John Silver's.Still,it has a nice crackle to it.

      2. Stoney Lonen currently has half price wine Saturday nights as well. I usually like their seafood (grouper and mahi mahi), but just had a very overcooked lobster stuffed with crab imperial.

        I also really like Confucious for the salmon in black bean sauce. On Sunday they have brunch/lunch - for $10 you can pick one noodle type dish and 2 dim sum. Tasty and very filling.

        For pub type food I like Finbar and Rams Head. As much as I like Dogfish head beers, I can't seem to find anything on their food menu that I like.

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        1. re: Rumrita

          Adriatico is a huge favorite of mine - during the week the downtown location has two for one (I think on thursdays? wednesdays? I'm drawing a blank, so call and check). chicken adriatico and one of Barbara's homemade desserts. yum!

          1. re: alexajord

            My only problem with Adriatico is that they often puzzle me when they choose to turn on their air conditioning (or rather hen they choose not to).


        2. Thanks for all the recommendations. Friday night my wife and I wound up going to Stoney Lonen which was really nice. I had the fish and chips special - $7.95. My wife had the vegetarian pasta entree. We had baked brie for an appetizer.
          Saturday breakfast was Sammy's Kitchen across from the Avenue hotel - basic diner food. Not the best, but adequate for 9 in the morning.
          Saturday lunch on the beach with a couple of slices of Louie's Pizza. I am trying to branch out from Grotto's Pizza, but I didn't tkink Louie's was quite as good. But at the beach - it's all good.
          Saturday dinner was at Dos Locos - dinner for 2 with 2 frozen maragaritas came in at $39.99. We had a good time here and the staff was very friendly. Food was good too.
          Sunday breakfast at Royal Treat. I had the pancakes and bacon and my wife had the Frenck Toast. All this and I great view of the boardwalk from the porch - just $12.95.

          It's nice to know there are some good places to eat in downtown Rehoboth that don't break the bank and that we were able to avoid all that Route 1 sprawl.

          I am already plotting our return visit...

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          1. re: RolandParkGuy

            Ah you didnt ask about breakfast.Give the Robin Hood restaurant a shot,its on the beach block and its where many locals get breakfast.Basic diner food yes,but very well done.
            Now I was baffled that anybody could like Grotto Pizza better than Louie's.Then i saw that you got slices.Those slices sit around all day.Much better to get a small pizza,its only 6 bucks and shows off their abilities better.
            I don't care for Grotto Pizza at all.I'm told that maybe 10-15 years ago it was very good but the owner spent much of his revenue into mechanization of the pizza making process,like with a gun to spray the cheese (thats why you see the "bullseye" cheese pattern.Also they do strict portion control,like Pizza hut-x number of pepperoni slices per pizza,etc.They sell thousands of slices to beach-goers,especially late at night.But I cant see the attraction.Too expensive too.I'll stick to Louie's-who has excellent Cheeseburger Subs too.

            The staff there is really nice too.The kids who work at Grotto dont seem far from the cyborgs who work the counter at KFC.

            1. re: billfish

              After many years as Grotto devotees, we finally tried Louie's last summer. We liked it enough that I got a Louie's bumper sticker for the family truckster.

              We tried Nicola a few years ago and didn't like their pizza as much as Grotto's, but the Nic-a-boli is very good.

              1. re: billfish

                Thanks for the breakfast tip. I agree that the service was great at Louie's. I ordered 4 slices to go to eat down on the beach - the guy offered to box the slices rather than just using the usual flimsy paper plates. I know, not really a big deal, but a small courtesy that told me this was a friendly place. I will definitely return. My wife is not a big Grotto's fan either, so I need these Rehoboth pizza alternatives...