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Apr 23, 2007 08:06 AM

weekend bites - Donahue's, Plough & Stars, and Deep Ellum

Watched the Sox game at Donahue’s in Watertown on Friday night. It was a lot of fun to sit and sip cheap beer and chow on buffalo chicken tenders with lots of serious fans. The chicken is fine there. I wish that “extra hot” was truly extra hot. I find this to be a problem everywhere though. I also enjoyed a surprisingly fresh and good sirloin spinach salad. All the veggies were nice and crunchy and the sirloin was moist, flavorful, cooked to order (medium rare). Donahue’s is fast becoming my go-to sports bar. It’s just a nice, clean, simple family-run joint. I’ve never seen anyone acting like a jackass during playoffs or big games. It’s good like that.

Yesterday I stopped in at the Plough & Stars for another fabulous brunch. I had the poached eggs with pork hash and garlic hollandaise. I’ve had it many times and per usual it was delicious and just what the doctor ordered after a week of salad eating; Rich and indulgent. DC had the eggs & meat – ham, sausage, bacon, eggs, and home fries. He enjoyed his but I didn’t bother to try any of it because mine was plate-licking good.

While roaming around town we decided to pop in at Deep Ellum for a couple beers and a snack. We had the wings. They had more kick this time around. I think the kick was from vinegar though and not spice. I like that they fry them and then coat with sauce but this time around they were much messier than necessary. Beers and bar tending were both outstanding. I had my first sloe gin fizz. Last time I was there a group of people were swilling them and I was intrigued. It was very refreshing and light. Way too drinkable...

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  1. Deep Ellum is one place where I'd actually order a Sloe Gin Fizz. Of course, most sloe gin these days has no gin in it; it's mostly just grain neutral spirits with a sugary sloe flavoring, and weaker than gin (generally under 50 proof).

    The nice thing about that drink is that is combines real gin and sloe gin, so you get a sense of what sloe gin used to taste like, when it was an actual infusion of blackthorn fruits (aka sloes, which look like baby plums) in gin. Done right, that fizz is a nicely balanced, refreshing, pretty looking highball, a fine summer drink.

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      SloE. Thank you. ;) You should check it out there. Max told me that they use an old recipe that calls for orange rose water. I really liked the subtle delicate flavor.