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Apr 23, 2007 07:51 AM

La Popessa - opinions?

Was thinking of trying La Popessa. They have several locations. Am interested in either the downtown location on St-Denis/Ave Des Pins or the Old Mtl location on St-Antoine near the Palais Des Congres. I am assuming both locations look the same. Are there any differences?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think it's alright for a quick lunch, but nothing to rave about.

    The one on St. Denis has a cute little court yard in the back which is nice in the summer time.

    1. It's a cute little place for a quick and affordable meal but nothing more. Pastas are already cooked and are just reheated in hot water. They have a large choice of sauces and garnish though but it still feels like the pasta station at a buffet from an all inclusive hotel. But it's still cute and good especially the patio at the St-Denis location.

      1. I've only ever been to the St. Antoine O. location but I liked it a lot. I like cheap but good places and this is definitely one. It's cafeteria style, but the decor is really nice and I really like the simplified concept of the menu, pick a sauce, pick a pasta, and voila, you have a good hot meal for less than $15 in 10 min. max. And the cooks do tricks sometimes too, fun to watch.

        1. Very good alternative to fast food! As alluded to by the others, it's not fine dining by any stretch but I've always liked what I've gotten here and the restaurant is nice and comfortable.

          1. The difference I would mention is that the one on St-Denis is cosier, but also tends to fill up more quickly. The one on St-Antoine has a more modern look, but it is bigger and you'll find a spot more quickly (though that's not counting the terrace at St-Denis).
            It's consistently good food at a very affordable price, which is what I like about it (nothing fancy, but so what? ;).