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Apr 23, 2007 07:44 AM

Bread Bakery in Culver City

Pavillions used to have good enough for weeknight baked breads but as those offerings lessen and fall in quality, I find I need to have knowledge of a good bread bakery in the Culver City area. Most of the threads about bakeries are for sweets and cakes. So where are the good bread bakeries in CC? I need slicing bread and rolls as well as baguette types.



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  1. La Maison du Pain! La Maison du Pain!! La Maison du Pain!!!

    1. It's not Culver City exactly, but BreadBar is a great choice. You'll find everything you need. They've got a location in the Century City mall and on Third Street/Robertson.

      You might also like Rockenwagner breads. They've got a store in Culver City/Mar Vista and a newer, fancier one on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Their breads tend to be heartier German breads. They're wonderful. The pretzel rolls are particularly addictive.

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        I believe there is also a gloria jean's in the glendale galleria. check before you go.

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          Did you mean for this post to end up on the hazlenut coffee thread (see link) down the page?

      2. We love Rockenwagner Bread. Their bakery is on Washington Near Beethoven.


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          I believe that branch is just called R. You'll pick out the modern store front next to the rest of the old school shops on Washington.

          Breadworks on Cotner across from the Wine House is also good.

        2. Dolce Forno Bakery is in Culver City and it's really good! It's hard to find but it has really good bread. They supply the bread to all the Drago restaurants.