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Apr 23, 2007 07:29 AM

best jams, jellies and preserves: from the USA or bought or from a farmers market

what are the best you know of??

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  1. In the SF Bay Area in alphabetical order ... a favorite of these three would be difficult

    Langiers Arapaho berry jam (Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, SF)

    Lola's bergamot marmelade (Lola's in Albany near Berkeley, CA)

    June Taylors bing cherry jam with kirsh (Ferry Plaza Farmers Market)

    June Taylor is the only cherry jam I've had that tastes like fresh cherries. She has a whole line of wonderful jams and jellies.

    The arapaho berries, the sweetest I've ever had, are available about one week a year ... if weather cooperates. The jam is every bit as good as the fresh berries.

    Overall I'd say Lolas is my favorite period. This is a take-out place that sells outstanding baked chicken and probably some of the best baked goods in the area. The batches of jam are small and just top quality and I don't want to use something as trite as passion or love. They man cares about what he makes.

    The bergamot was wonderful - sweet, bitter, tart & flowery all at once. I had an amazing peach rosemary with top of the season fruit bursting with intense juicy flavor, the rosemary adding warmth and turning it into something insanely wonderful . The huckleberries in another jam are from a family tree in Oregon, hand-picked at peak of ripeness. Wonderufl blueberry basil too.

    I love Lola's.

    1. At the Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan: Phillips Farms preserves and sugar-free fruit spreads, and Beth's Jams and Chutneys. Both are outstanding!

      1. I swear by the sour cherry spoon fruit from American Spoon Foods.
        Other favorites are their fig conserve and the pear preserves (insanely good with a sharp cheese)

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          American Spoon Foods products are all uniformly fabulously delicious and high quality! I love the Brandied Cherries, the FairHaven Peach preserves, the mango barbecue sauce, among others...

        2. I'm partial to Smucker's ... esp. in PB&J.

          I guess I never outgrew the kid in me ...

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            It has to be Stonewall Kitchen's strawberry brandied apricot or their wild maine blueberry or their lemon jam or their .... Well, you know, I just love Stonewall Kitchen!

          2. I love the Hero line, from Switzerland, which is available in lots of supermarkets--about $3 a jar. Blackberry, apricot, raspberry, and cherry are all excellent.

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