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Apr 23, 2007 07:28 AM

Landmarc in the TWC: do they take reservations? How long the wait if not?

I would like to go there, but I can't wait forever in a line since our two kids will be with us. If they don't take reservations, how long is the wait? What time is best to go for dinner to avoid wait?

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  1. They do not take reservations. I don't know best times yet, as they have just opened and my first visit will be tonight.

    1. Isn't it like 300 seats? I would call ahead but I bet the line never gets too long.

      1. I haven't been yet either, but it seems that others on the board ( have experienced waits of 40 min to an hour.

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          The wait at 7:00 Friday evening was about 45 minutes. As noted elsewhere they will call when it's time. The space is large, loud and impersonal. Very corporate; service somewhat rushed. Food straightforward and pretty good but nothing at all special. For my part no plans to return anytime soon.

          1. re: burton

            We ended up going on a Monday about 530pm and we didn't have to wait at all. By about 630 it was starting to fill up. I thought there were too many glitches in the service. I kept having to ask for things which they should know to bring. (a wine list?? bread?? a kid's menu???) Food was ok. Kid's menu a little better than most. The kids liked the cotton candy they bring after the meal. I probably wouldn't return unless I was already in the area and there was no wait.

        2. I went on Saturday at a little after 6---it was maybe half full, was seated right away. By 7:30 there was a waiting crowd at the entrance. Food was good but not particularly exciting. The big draw is the fairly priced wine list. Nevertheless, I don't think I'd stand in line to eat here.

          1. I went at 715 on Saturday night and they said the wait was about 20 minutes and they would come get us at the bar. At 750 I went back to check and they has already passed by my name... so they sat us right away. So make sure to check back and not trust that they will just come get you.