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Apr 23, 2007 06:49 AM

discolored stainless pot?

My mother sent soup over to a friend and the pot came back discolored - a bluish purple rainbow effect all over the inside. The pot (Farberware) is completely clean but we can't get the discoloration off.

Is the pot salvageable? Any tipes on how to get rid of the rainbow?


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    1. >>>Is the pot salvageable?

      The pot is fine. Your mother or friend left it over the fire empty and
      it overheated. Use a stainless steel cleaner. Or just ignore it and
      it will eventuall go away.

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      1. re: Chuckles the Clone

        Chuckles is right about what caused the discoloration. It's called firescale and happens when some metals are annealed or heated. It's harmless and won't get into any foods that you cook in the pot. It will wear off on its own but if you want to remove it, you can use a lot of elbow grease and a cleanser like Barkeeper's Friend or you can try a mixture of boric acid and denatured alcohol (neither of which are toxic). You might even try plain old Borax if you have that in you laundry room.

      2. Barkeepers fine on my All-Clad...will work on this is the best

        1. I agree it's annoying. I caused it to happen when I let it overheat while I was distracted. I decided it's a pretty "patina", and use the pot regularly with no ill effects to me or the food.