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Apr 23, 2007 05:47 AM

Dinner for 6 in Wicker Park/Bucktown?

Looking at doing dinner next saturday for 6 in Wicker Park/Bucktown (we want to explore the neighborhood to see if when we move to town it might be a good place for us to live). We are up for just about any cuisine, but prefer to keep the entrees in the $25 or less range- so moderately priced to nice.

Any help?

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  1. Not sure what type of meal you are looking for, but I'd go to Forno at the corner of North/Damen/Milwaukee. It is remarkable how many places are right at this intersection or within 10 storefronts. Anyway, Forno is a small plates Italian restaurant with pretty simple, rustic preparations. It is a very fun, lively place and should give you a good feel for what WP/Bucktown is all about. It's run by the group that owns several restaurants in Chicago under the "Francesca" franchise including Mia Francesca, Francesca's on Taylor, etc. However, all of their restaurants feel original and non-chainy. Plus, you are right at the main intersection with tons of places to explore after dinner.

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      Thanks! I'm not sure what we want either, that's part of the reason this is so open. If I had to guess, knowing the women of this group, we'll end up at Moonshine afterwards, but maybe I can convince them to go to Goldstar or Rainbow Room (Goldstar is a long shot with this crowd I think).

      Where's the closest Applebees? (just kidding)

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        One other suggestion on the Division strip would be Enoteca Roma at Division and Leavitt. It is connected to Letitzia's Bakery, owned by the same people. It is a low-key wine bar with awesome food. This place is tiny, very Euro, and they have outdoor seating if it happens to be nice out. That will put you closer to Moonshine/Goldstar/Rainbow Room.

    2. I like two places:

      Cafe Matou on Milwaukee, between Armitage/Western and Damen/North. Excellent food with a French flair. Unlike all the new places that have opened in the neighborhood the past few years, Cafe Matou is a long-time favorite and is as good as ever. I ate there the other night and really enjoyed it.

      Scylla on Damen just south of Armitage. Also excellent food, seafood and, well, just a lot of contemporary type foods.

      Both of these places are in your target price range (actually, slightly below, with most entrees around $18 at both places). Both are very nice, great food and are two of the best restaurants in the neighborhood.

      1. Other suggestions:
        Le Bouchon (French bistro)
        Scylla (contemporary seafood)
        Hot Chocolate (casual cafe with awesome desserts)
        Coast (Sushi -- byo)
        All on Damen.

        Cafe LeGuardia (bustling Cuban) on Armitage

        Jane's (homey gourmet) on Courtland

        1. Bin Wine Cafe. (1559 N. Milwaukee) Have been there multiple times and have always had a great meal. Very nice space, numerous tables for larger parties. The wine pairings are fun and cheap and most of the mains are in the teens.

          Went to hot chocloate and the food was very dissapointing, go just for dessert, but I found that a little dissapointing as well. Coast is great (and a great deal) as well.

          1. I think Feast is good, I've been there with groups and we've always had a great time.