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Apr 23, 2007 04:47 AM

Some dishes at Wang's, and a menu question

The first two dishes are, I understand, listed in the Chinese on the back page. I only knew about them from CH. But there's a translation somewhere out there (as shown on some websites). If you ask for an extra menu, do you get an English translation of the untranslated stuff on the back of the menu?

* Salt and pepper pork chop is different from the usual Canto version (I like the version at Kantin) and more similar to the one at Taiwan Cafe, but with different spicing. The Wang's version has the floury crispness of the TC version, but instead of a 5-spice-salty-jalapeno seasoning, it's got a powerful blast of white pepper. Underneath, instead of shredded lettuce, is a wacky pile of diced onions, garlic, carrot, and multicolored hot peppers. A nice change from the usual.

* Smoked tofu with pork doesn't have any perceptible smoke flavor. A better description would be "pressed tofu with pork." The brown sauce is very savory and contains some nice spice flavor (including star anise, I think). I scarfed it down despite a slight grittiness in the sauce, like some starch had been added for thickening but hadn't been completely cooked out.

* Shanghai choy with black mushrooms (in the regular veg section) isn't afraid to get in your face with the garlic (so much chopped garlic!) and the salt (the last couple pieces of mushroom were nearly inedible). I like.

This was my first Wang's meal without their trademark dumplings, but it was good. It had the feel of very honest, salty, greasy home cooking.

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  1. I'm 99% sure that everything on the Chinese menu appears in English also. The pork chop I assume (haven't tried it yet, it just moved up the list) is the "fried pork chop" under Appetizers. The "smoked" (yes, pressed) tofu is under House Specialties.

    You like garlic, try the Northern Style Spareribs. Fairly ordinary 5-spice braised ribs but served with a dipping sauce that's essentially a raw garlic puree.

    Time for another visit...

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      Actually, "fried pork chop" under appetizers is just fried pork chops. The last time I got them, they were room-temperature and not particularly fresh-tasting. The only seasoning I can remember was salt. The S&P pork chops are hot, fresh, and much more thickly battered and heavily seasoned.

      1. re: Luther

        Thanks for the save. Anybody notice anything new on the whiteboard? I haven't looked at it in ages (not that my reading skills are up to it).

        1. re: Aromatherapy

          The last few times I've been, there's been exactly one item on the whiteboard. I want to say it involves fish and sesame, but I'm not positive about that.

          1. re: nonaggie

            Yeah, that was the one I saw a couple weeks ago. Sesame fish of some sort.