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Apr 23, 2007 01:36 AM

Small wedding "reception" in NW burbs

We're planning a small wedding and dinner following said wedding, for 15-20 people, in/around the Schaumburg/Arlington Heights area. I was thinking of a nice private room at a restaurant, plated dinner, no dance floor required. (If we can perform the actual wedding ceremony there, even better.) So far we've got the Mill Rose, and Wildfire as contenders. Any more recs?

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  1. Try the Barn of Barrington - they do a lot of weddings and they do have a lot of small rooms.

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      My family had a very nice birthday lunch for my Dad about 2 years ago at Yannis' in Arlington Heights (Algonquin/Arlington Hts Rds). Nice room, good food. Not wildly expensive.

      Also try The Seville in Streamwood (on Barrington, south of Bode). Not sure they do smaller parties but I would think so.

    2. Flemings (near WIldfire) is also very tasty.


        I posted a few weeks ago looking for a venue for a birthday party in the NW 'burbs. Maybe one of these places would work.