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Apr 22, 2007 11:29 PM

In search of great steak in OC

Next Sunday is my partner's birthday. And every year she eats a steak. We are new to Orange County and I'm at a loss to find a place. Any recommendations? Something in the $20-$40 range.

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  1. There's plenty of great steak in the OC. You will want to check out two favorites, Morton's and Ruth's Chris. There is a Morton's near South Coast Plaza, and the Ruth's Chris is in Irvine at Jamboree/Michelson.

    You should also look into trying Mastro's. There's one located near South Coast Plaza as well.

    Personally for steak I would recommend Fleming's in Fashion Island (newport beach). It's very good there, and the service is great too. And just minutes from the beach if you want to go for a stroll afterwards.

    Happy Birthday to your partner, and have a great evening out.

    1. If you want something with nicer atmosphere, but prices no higher, I'd go to Bungalow in Corona del Mar. Ask for a booth. Enjoy their bone-in rib eye or porterhouse (both of which are shareable - more so for the PH).

      1. My fave is Mastros (Ocean Club in CDM or the Steakhouse in Costa Mesa).

        Here are some pics:

        1. I have had the filet twice now at La Cave in Costa Mesa and really enjoyed it. Very old school red booth feel, so you have to be OK with that.

          Another option, and by far the best steak I've had in the OC, is Bluefin in Crystal Cove. It is a very tasty high end sushi place, but offers an entre of Waygu "Kobe" Beef that is to die for.

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            Came here to post La Cave. Other than that, can't go wrong with Ruth's.

          2. FYI -- I'm pretty sure all the suggestions so far are going to go over your $20-$40 range, so check that out before you get surprised.