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Apr 22, 2007 11:02 PM

Pulled Pork in TO?

Please , please tell me where you favourite place for pulled pork in Toronto is.

Many thanks!

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  1. this is always a popular debate, but I like the pulled pork sandwich at House on Parliament personally.. though I havent tried phils bbq or black camel so i cant compare..

    1. Phil's on College is good with good sauce and great beans. For finished product, the sandwich at Black Camel is excellent, as is the crepe at the creperie in the Distillery (chef from Perigee does it with arugula and gruyere). For retail, Summerhill Market or Cumbrae do basic pulled pork that you need to sauce yourself.

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      1. re: Snarf

        I've only tried Phil's sandwich once but found it dry and had hard bread. I look forward to trying Black Camel...

      2. I'm by no means an expert on pulled pork but Noon restauraunt on Dupont street, just below Bathurst, has an amazing BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich, served on ciabatta, with chive aioli, roquefort, and roasted red peppers (it has hot peppers on it too but I ask them to make it without them because they're the standard banana type, soaked in brine, and their taste interferes with the other flavours). It's simply to die for and well worth a try. Everyone I've ever taken there has enjoyed it immensely.

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          ooh- thanks for the lnoon ink- had no idea noon had pulled pork!

          i really must get in there - Do they take reservations? I hear they are quite busy!

          1. re: EPIcureanTO

            They don't take reservations and, yes, they're very busy at brunch but if you're an early riser (which for the hip, yuppie crowd that frequents Noon means, well, any time before noon), you shouldn't have a problem getting seated. When I've gotten there by 10 or 10:30, I've been seated right away, even with a group of 8. From 12pm onwards, it gets a lot more crowded.

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            Noon is on Bathurst just South of Dupont.

          3. Camp 31... but you'll have to drive a bit to get there :-)

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            1. re: TexSquared

              make sure you hit NOON at a mealtime, in betweenthe place is empty and cold, just like th efood. I had a reuben sandwich at about 3 pm, dead cold meat out of th efridge wouldnt melt the cheese, let alone my heart. I feel sorry for the owner, he looked so lonely, and after all the hot reviews too.

            2. Not quite Toronto, but had the pulled prok sandwich at the Coach and Four on Lake Shore in Oakville over the weekend, really, really good.