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Apr 22, 2007 10:22 PM

Dntwn PHX lunch?

Hi there! Hubby and I are going to the BodyWorlds 3 exhibit at the AZ Science Center on a weekday. We're looking for a nice place to lunch while we're downtown. Wish Pizzeria Bianco was open for lunch...Any suggestions? We're open to anything--delis, cafeterias, buffets, sit down...anything!

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  1. when? some places are only open m-f, some sat & some sun. i myself am trying to sort all that out.

    and by nice place, do you mean a good looking relaxing place (in addition to good food) as a bunch of our favorites are kind of divey?

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      We're planning on Tuesday afternoon. And divey? That's perfectly fine!!! As long as they serve great food, we're not bothered by mediocre atmosphere in the least. Thanks!

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        i'm still learning downtown and there are definitely people here on this board who know it far, far better than i do but here goes...

        my whole family is in LOVE with rito's for green chile burros. it's at 14th street and roosevelt. it's only open m - f; 9 am - 5 pm. divey but they do have picnic benches outside that you can eat at.

        it's a bit north (central between camelback & indian school) but we often do a combo lux (for the best coffee/lattes we've had in az) and pane bianco for excellent sandwiches (don't skip the rice pudding either). while i can't justify the $6 chocolate bar their either, i don't now if i'll be able to stop myself from buying it either.

        fry bread house is also great but again a bit north (7th avenue between camelback & indian school). copper star coffee is also right near there which is supposed to be great.

        some of the others downtown that are open for lunch that are on our list are lo lo's chicken & waffles, blue fin, matt's big breakfast & welcome diner. have heard mixed things about fate but we also want to check that out.

    2. Go to Pane Bianco, get the Housemade Mozzarella, Local Tomato & Basil sandwich, sit outside and enjoy the good weather while it lasts. When you start to get sleepy from the yummy food and sun, head next door to Lux to get a caffeine infusion before you drive home. In order to avoid the office lunch crowds, I would aim to get there about before or after the standard lunch hour (arrive at 11 when they open or after 1:15).

      There are lots of other options, but I am partial to getting every single ounce of enjoyment out of the weather before the oven-effect kicks in.

      Directions and a picture of the mouth-watering sandwich:

      1. Cheuvont Wine Bar

        From the museum head north on 7 St to Roosevelt. Head west to Central Av, hang a right(north). It's right across the street from the library, just past Portland.

        1. I think all the suggestions so far are good ones, but it might also be nice if you could park once and walk between lunch and the museum. You'll probably have to pay to park for the museum anyway, and driving around downtown can be difficult with the twin challenges of convention center construction and light rail construction. Most of the places within immediate walking distance are of the Quizno's / Subway variety, but I can think of two exceptions:

          Bar Smith -- I haven't been there, but there have been some good reviews on this board and elsewhere.

          Kincaid's -- The local outpost of a small chain of steak-and-seafood places. The food there is not innovative, but it's reasonably good. My favorites are the simply grilled salmon and the mixed greens salad with blue cheese wraps. The only item I've tried there without success is the onion soup, which I found much too salty.

          Both are just a few blocks west of the museum along Washington Street.

          1. funny that only two of the reccommendations listed here are downtwon (bar smith and kincaids.) Around the science center my fave is Mrs. White's Golden Rule. Divey as all get out but some damn good soul food.

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              Good point. I had neglected to think of places east of the museum. Mrs. White's is within walking distance since it's at 808 E Jefferson -- just a block east of 7th St.