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Apr 22, 2007 09:07 PM

Sydney cheap eats: Sussex Centre Food Court

Sussex Centre Food court is located in the heart of Sydney's China town in the CBD. The food court hosts some extremely cheap but authentic Asian food. The food is quick and prices are below $10 for a main meal.

Below are some pictures of Sussex Centre Food Court dishes we ate today.


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  1. One of the things that surprises me in Sydney is that there are quite a few places like this where you can get a real bargain yet Melbourne's attempts at this style of Asian food court have all fallen over badly.
    Sussex Street is very good value.

    1. I agree it's great value and fast. You need to be a bit discerning I find though, some things I've had aren't really up to scratch even for the price.

      Dixon House Food Court one street west is also great. Very similar sort of thing, hidden below street level. Then there is Eating World, though they are a bit more sparse with the number of eateries. Going there today however, for Gumshara Ramen!