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Apr 22, 2007 08:39 PM

suggestion needed for next sunday

a group of 10 are going to be in philly next sunday for a send off of for two friends. it'll be a party of 10 (including one child of 8 and a couple of fussy eaters). we haven't finalized plans yet other than our tickets to the tut exhibit so we need to consider either a brunch or dinner location (tut is at 4pm). the night before we're going out to an italian place, so something else might be nice for variety sake. any brilliant suggestions? i know this is a very open ended description of the plans, but it's all kind of spur of the moment.

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  1. ok, plans have been more solidified. guess we're looking for a brunch place not all that far from the franklin institute (so south street for example is a stretch). again, gotta emphasize there are two non adventurous adults and one 8 year old in the group. thanks in advance for any input.

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      If money isn't an issue, your best bet would be the brunch at the Four Season's. It is fairly close to the FI, and the buffet offers options for all kinds of eaters. I have been there for many family events and seen kids of all ages. My kids, who are younger, love the live music.

      A little farther away, but with somewhat more adventurous food (though still enough to satisfy your picky friends) is the brunch at LaCroix.

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        Check to see if Rembrandt's, London Grill, or Aspen- all in Fairmount- have brunch. I'm pretty sure Rembrandt's does. Waterworks has brunch. Not cheap, but it's not Four Seasons or LaCroix excpensive, either. There's always Marathon on the Square, or any of the Marathon Grills, for that matter. Very straightforward food to please everyone, including kids. Not sure if Bistro San Tropez has brunch, but worth a look.

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          Rembrandts is pleasant, with a menu varied enough for everyone. If you will be in cars, there is street parking. Call ahead and reserve. I think it would be your best bet in that neighborhood. It's north of the Franklin Institute, probably too far to walk.

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            thanks for the suggestions. just waiting for the "decider" to make her choice.