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Apr 22, 2007 08:23 PM

AC - recs please

Hubby and I are going to NYC then down to AC to visit in-laws. Would like to have a nice place to take them out to dinner either in Atlantic City or some place not too far. last time we were there we took them to the wine cellar restaurant at the Borgata... Doesn't have to be expensive, but a good variety on the menu is a plus... thinking something like Italian, steak.... Thanks!

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  1. Old Homestead in Borgata - excellent steak
    Sea Blue- Michael Mina - also very good

    1. Had some excellent steaks at both Bobby Flay Steak and Old Homestead. The Continental at the new Caesar's Pier is a really fun atmosphere and a fairly broad menu. I only had drinks there but have eaten well at the original in Phila. Also at the pier is a wonderful Irish Pub (can't remember the name....maybe Trinity). Everything inside was brought over from Ireland. Food is real good and relatively inexpensive. Check the pier's website for the name.

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        In the Borgata also is Specchio very very good

      2. The Baltimore Grill has that old-world authentic Italian feel and a loyal following.

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          Baltimore Grill is a dive. That's not to say that the food's not great (I'm part of the loyal following) and inexpensive, but I suspect it's not "nice" in the conventional sense the OP is probably looking for.

          Chef Vola's remains the best Italian not only in AC, but on the East Coast IMHO (with a great filet mignon, as well).

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            I am looking for something with good food, that is not over the top expensive. i don't want anything too "fancy" that they would feel out of place. The issue is hubby and I love good food, and don't mind paying for it... but the in-laws are not quite so adventurous and don't like any type of real ethnic cuisine (adventurous is fried rice for them)... so dive I am okay with as long as the food is good... prefer italian or steak/seafood type of place

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              I guess the question is how much is "over the top expensive"? Baltimore Grill is pretty much a well-worn diner in terms of atmosphere and pricing--at most $15/head with tax and tip and a drink or two from the bar. The menu is largely pizza, basic red-sauce pasta and sandwiches. It's good food well worth the money and one of my favorites in AC...but again, it's a dive, you can't get a steak, and the only seafood items are fried shrimp, crabcakes or scallops which are worth the money (but keep in mind very little money).

              Chef Vola's is moderately-priced (compared to AC casino restaurants) and will likely run you from $35-$55/head (+BYOB) with everything, depending on whether you order from their standard not-too-adventurous Italian menu or from the numerous daily specials at the higher end which your server will recite from memory. Besides being the best Italian we've ever had, the portions are more than generous. It's very nice without being stuffy (it's in the basement of a house)--and the staff will make you feel like family.

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                chef volas is extremely hard to get a reservation!! i love knife and fork in ac., they have great seafood and steaks, its owned by the family who runs docks oyster house in ac.

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                  ya have to try Angelo's when in ac-a family/ friend favorite!

                  ps anyone having problems with this website being slow

        2. thanks for some of the great suggestions. when I say over the top expensive, that means we are not walking out for less than 75 per person.... I would like to keep it around under 30 for entrees. Also if there are any suggestions for any of the neighboring towns such as Margate city, Ocean city, or around that area, that would be just as helpful... thanks for all the help so far!

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            in margate theres STEVE and COOKIES, they gave great food, and a raw bar. it over looks the bay. i highly recommend this

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              Here's a link I have bookmarked! I hope you find this helpful for more ac listings

              Enjoy your selections !


              few of my fav's
              sofia's in Margate
              mac's pizza ocean city ;-
              )crab trap somers point
              steve and cookies by the bay in ventnor
              rams head inn galloway