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Apr 22, 2007 07:34 PM

Best Kosher Bakery In Brooklyn?

Could you offer you opinions on the best kosher bakery in Brooklyn? Thanks.

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  1. In my opinion, Chiffons Bakery on Coney Island Avenue is one of the best. I've visited many bakeries, but I've enjoyed Chiffons' baked goods very much, compared to others.

    1. Depends what you mean. Very general question. I agree with the other poster about Chiffon's, and would like to add Weiss bakery to the mix.

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      1. re: ariellasdaddy

        Have you noticed a change at Weiss bakery lately? I used to buy there on a regular basis but haven't been as satisfied with the quality of what I have purchased. I've heard rumors of a change of ownership and that some of the baked goods are coming from other bakeries. Any opinions?

      2. I love Schreiber's as a regular bakery. Best specialty though is Chantilly.

        1. Along the same lines, anyone got a recommendation on where to get a superior chocolate babka?

          1. shlomie's bakery hands down....