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Apr 22, 2007 07:26 PM


I got some epazote in the mail. A recipe I was looking at called for it. Can anyone speak to preperation? Do I need to put it in some cheesecloth, do I grind it up? The pieces seem a little large and twig-like to put right into a dish and leave there. Thanks

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  1. I have only had it fresh or dried from Penzey''s. Rick Bayless does mention that dried is not very good and it used more medicinally than anything. He says it is really twiggy.

    I would pick out everything but the leaves.

    1. The dried version is primarily used for tea infusions. I have used the dried leaves in a recado - or seasoning paste.

      What are you using it for?

      If beans - I would toss the barky stuff and add a pinch of the powder.

      1. I have a bottle of Penzey's dried epazote. I dump a can of black beans into a sauce pan with a pinch or two of epazote and let it simmer for a few minutes then serve with enchiladas or eggs. That's my short cut black bean recipe, otherwise I use it to make a large pot of black beans from a a pound of dried beans with the dried epazote. I don't find there is a textural problem with the woodiness of the herb. The liquid seems to soften it up a bit. I suppose I could use it in cheesecloth or a tea infuser.

        1. As other posters have said, dried epazote is used for making medicinal tea.

          Only fresh epazote is used for cooking. It's known as wormseed in English. It's really a weed. If you can find the seeds or a small pot of it, don't put it directly in the ground. Plant it in a pot or it will take over your garden.


          1. I guess I will give it a shot in a bean dish or two. Thanks for the input.

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              It is supposed to de-gas beans, or so I've heard. Use lightly the first time around, the flavor is strong and not to everyone's taste.

              Use the leafier bits & crush them between your fingers.